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Small Ground Screw Small Ground Screw

Small Ground Screw

Quick and easy anchor for a line or tie-down into soil Can handle up to 400 pounds
Made in the USA

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  • Made in the USA: Vancouver, WA
  • Instructions: With moderate pressure, push screw into the ground and rotate in a clockwise direction. Slide sleeve into top eyelet and continue rotating, using sleeve as drive handle for increased leverage
  • Single package includes one small Orange Screw and one clear drive tool
  • 4-Pack includes four small Orange Screws and one clear drive tool
  • Screws are 9.5" long and have a thread diameter of 7/8"
  • Holds up to 400 lbs
  • Clear drive tool acts as a storage sleeve when not in use and slips into the top eyelet to form a T-grip for increased leverage in difficult soils
  • Great for camping, picnics, and use around home and garden
  • Caution: Orange Screws have sharp points. Handle with care to avoid bodily injury
  • Materials: 100% recycled polycarbonate plastic
  • Dimensions: Single: 9.5" x 2.5" x 1.25"; 4 Pack: 9.5" x 6" x 1.25"
  • Weight: Single: 0.19 lb; 4 Pack: 0.56 lb
Made in the USA


5 avg. (16 reviews)

Innovative solution for rocky soil
01/05/2020 by Cactusgirl46
Great product! Gave my husband the first 2 when he was attempting to install outdoor Christmas decorations. They are perfect for our rock-filled soil, especially in winter. He plans to use the additional ones to anchor our umbrella table to protect against strong winds.
Works great in difficult soil
11/01/2019 by Mike
Quick and dirty: Works great, keeping things tied down security. But it takes a lot more time to screw into the ground than to simply hammer normal stakes. So you have to judge each situation: is this soil difficult enough to justify the extra time it'll take to use the screws? Each situation is different.
Worked Perfectly!
07/09/2019 by Debra
I needed to stake a large bush that had some damage after this past winter -- The Small Ground Screw was just the ticket. I used two of them with cording and the bush is hopefully now going to grow upright again! It was very easy to secure it into the ground and the weight of the bush did not pull it out of the ground. Just what I needed...thanks!
Security with a Twist
06/26/2019 by Dennis
Even though the wind was ripping through our campground and many other campers had to resecure their tents ours remained tight to the ground because of these excellent stakes. Not only did they go in easily, hold firmly but they also came out easily when it was time to go. And they still look brand new. No breaks, cracks or bends. I highly recommend these for people that want their camping gear well secured. After the winds passed a lot of other campers asked what I did to keep my tents and flys down. I know that they will order these stakes after having seen how well they worked on our gear. Thank you
Perfect To Tie Down Pool Cover
11/27/2018 by Jackie
We have a "hurricane" cover on our above ground pool. This cover sits over a large air pillow and we put sand tubes all around the edge of it to keep it on. Every year, however, we end up with a place that manages to catch some snow or water and then it freezes into a big lump of ice that we have to deal with. We bout these small and 4 large ground screws to anchor the cover so it will be more taught. This will help us prevent any low spots for water to gather. Although winter weather hasn't hit us yet, we've had quite a bit of rain and so far these screws are doing exactly what we wanted and are keeping the cover in position. They were easy to use and they feel very solid.
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Small Ground Screw

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Quick and easy anchor for a line or tie-down into soil Can handle up to 400 pounds
This Made in the USA spiral ground anchor screws into soil to secure lines in a simple, easy-to-use design. It doesn’t take a lot of pressure to drill it into the ground. To anchor in firm soils, insert the drive handle for added leverage. It’s a great solution for tents, tarps, or quick tie-downs that can handle up to 400 pounds.

Orange Screw

Orange Screw is a spiral ground anchor that is a lot tougher than you might think. It handles tents, tarps, and other lines easily and securely, and is Made in the USA from recycled materials.

The sharp screw stakes into all types of soil to anchor just about any line. For added leverage, slide the clear drive tool into the screw to help drill it into the ground. The drive handle can stay in or pop out.

The smaller screw holds up to 400 pounds, and the larger up to 650. It’s a solution you’ll find yourself using surprisingly often—like on camping trips, at the beach, or at home.

Founder Kirby Erdely is at the helm of this family business. He’s paired his background in design with his family’s love of all things outdoors to create this handy tool. more Their Story

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