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Orange Whip
Golf Swing Speed Trainer

Strengthen your golf swing off the course · Made by a former pro golfer and caddy


This golf swing speed trainer helps you increase clubhead speed without losing control. The club’s counterweighted flexible shaft helps enhance the feel of your swing so you can better hone your technique. Works for men, women, and teens.

  • Made in Easley, South Carolina
  • Helps to increase swing speed by up to 20%
  • More flexible than other golf swing speed trainers to enhance feel, lag, and load of the club
  • Feel, see, and hear your swing get faster and sequence improve
  • Counterweighted, flexible shaft system
  • Designed for men, women, and teens
Made in the USA


One Golf Swing Speed Trainer


43" length


2 lbs


Rubber, fiberglass, steel

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