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Active Elastomer Key Fob Active Elastomer Key Fob

Active Elastomer Key Fob

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  • Reduces key rattling
  • Organize your keys in the order of preference
  • Prevents key scratches on phones and other accessories
  • Accommodates between 3-7 standard keys (2 mm thick key) or accessories
  • Includes optional attachment ring for bulkier items, e.g., car keys, or smaller keys that do not fit on the Orbitkey
  • Extra spring washer is provided
  • Custom locking mechanism prevents your Orbitkey from coming undone and allows device to accommodate different number of keys
  • Can accommodate store loyalty cards but it will depend on the shape of the card and where the card is located. It works best when the hole is in the center and the width of the card is not too wide
  • Most standard keys will fit the Orbitkey, provided the hole on the key is greater than 4 mm in diameter (0.157 inches) and they are flat. Length of key must be shorter than 60 mm (from the hole to the end of the key). This also applies to keys where the holes are irregular in shape (e.g., slot, square, triangular)
  • Designed in Australia, Made in China
Orbitkey: Thermoplastic Rubber (TPE), aluminum 7075, stainless steel / Packaging: Paper, cardboard, clear acetate
Bands can be cleaned with a damp cloth
3.45" x 0.75" (when assembled)
Approximately 0.055 lb with 3 keys
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4.5 avg. (17 reviews)

I'd buy one if?
06/12/2017 by Phillip
In that one picture it looks as though it has a light, but it doesn't. If it did, I'd buy one.
More useful than you think
11/15/2016 by tom
Once you get used to flipping your keys out of the sheath, Orbitkey is definitely the best key organizer I've ever used. It keeps loose keys from deteriorating your pant pocket, always neatly folded together like a pocket knife, simple but brilliant idea that really works. The rubber material is high quality, doesn't degrade, stays flexible and soft. The hinge mechanism is nicely done, smooth on the exterior surfaces and easy to use once the keys stack is cinched down so there just enough friction to keep the keys in place but easily flip out. Definitely recommend!
08/27/2016 by Monica
No more jangly keys!
Functional and well designed
05/26/2016 by Amol
I have tried another product to hold my keys in a small package so it is easy for me to carry it around. That product was a bit disappointing. The Orbitkey on the other hand is great. The screw fastener does not get loose or tight when I rotate the keys out to use them. When the keys are tucked back in it protects other items in my pocket from getting scratched.
Pocket saver
11/05/2015 by Amy
Convenient to use, but my denim faded into the edge of my cool green key fob
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Active Elastomer Key Fob

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Orbitkey transforms your cluster of keys to a neatly organized stack. You can arrange keys in your order of preference, which will help you locate the right key quickly and effortlessly.

*Note: Does not include bottle opener.


Like many product innovations, the idea behind Orbitkey was born from frustration. Co-founder Charles Ng didn’t care for the way his traditional key ring jangled in his pocket while jogging. If only he could clamp his keys together . . . After sharing a makeshift prototype with family and friends, Charles and his high school pal Rex Kuo teamed up to create Orbitkey.

What began as a simple clamp evolved into a versatile, customizable key fob available in your choice of durable elastomer colors or leather styles. Designed to enable you to stack your keys neatly together or fan them out for easy viewing and access, Orbitkey is simple to adjust and tighten and can accommodate keys of varying shapes. It can even hold its very own bottle opener.

No wonder these young Australian entrepreneurs raised 2000% of their Kickstarter goal. more Their Story