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Active 2.0 Key Fob Active 2.0 Key Fob

Active 2.0 Key Fob

Small Business Support

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  • Reduces key rattling
  • Organize your keys in the order of preference
  • Prevents key scratches on phones and other accessories
  • Durable and dust-resistant
  • Made in China
Hand wash
3" x 0.77" x 0.67"
0.02 lb
Small Business Support


4.5 avg. (5 reviews)

Orbit key
08/31/2018 by Catherine
It looks great and doesn’t take up any space. My light blue color makes it quick to find
Works as promised
08/06/2018 by Lisa
I have very few keys and bought it to stop my sunglasses getting scratched when I threw them in my purse. I was able to include club cards on this as well. IT is difficult if you want to get a lot of stuff on to this thing. Have to align everything just right. Overall, happy with the purchase so far.
Loved the idea
07/26/2018 by Laura
Loved the idea, but a little difficult to use. I have too many keys and I don't think it works as well for that... a guy might not mind.
Best keychain ever
07/01/2018 by Warren
I've tried a lot, including a similar metal one. This one outperforms all, and it fits so well in my pocket. Thank you!!!
06/25/2018 by Lucy
The OrbitKey keeps my keys organized and compact. My car fob goes on the ring at the end of the key fob & keeps it handy. I love it!
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Active 2.0 Key Fob

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This Key Fob is made for active lifestyles and transforms your cluster of keys to a neatly organized stack. You can arrange keys in your order of preference, which will help you locate the right key quickly and effortlessly.


Like many product innovations, the idea behind Orbitkey was born from frustration. Co-founder Charles Ng didn’t care for the way his traditional key ring jangled in his pocket while jogging. If only he could clamp his keys together . . . After sharing a makeshift prototype with family and friends, Charles and his high school pal Rex Kuo teamed up to create Orbitkey.

What began as a simple clamp evolved into a versatile, customizable key fob available in your choice of durable elastomer colors or leather styles. Designed to enable you to stack your keys neatly together or fan them out for easy viewing and access, Orbitkey is simple to adjust and tighten and can accommodate keys of varying shapes. It can even hold its very own bottle opener.

No wonder these young Australian entrepreneurs raised 2000% of their Kickstarter goal. more Their Story