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Original Tick Key™
Tick Finder & Removal Tool Kit

Remove ticks with ease · Kit includes a hands-free light & magnifying glass for a clearer view

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The Original Tick Key™ has created a removal device that effectively removes ticks of all sizes and types. Simply place the tool over the tick before slowly pulling the tick quickly away from the area. The kit includes everything needed to properly remove any tick with ease.

  • Made in Torrington, Connecticut
  • Instructions: Place the teardrop hole of the Tick Removal Tool over the tick. Slide the key flush against the skin to entrap the tick into the tapered slot. Do not lift the key. Continue pulling quickly in the same direction for proper removal
  • Effectively removes ticks of all sizes and types
  • Conveniently attaches to a key ring, collar, or lanyard
  • For an clearer view of the tick, use the included TickSee hands-free light and magnifying glass
  • Please note: Clean with an alcohol prep pad after each use. Not intended to treat, cure, prevent any disease or health condition
Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


Four Tick Removal Tools, TickSee hands-free light, four alcohol prep pads, magnifying glass


(each) 1.5" x 2.5" x 0.01"


0.3 lb


Tick Removal Tool: Anodized aluminum


Clean the Tick Removal Tool with an alcohol prep pad


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Original Tick Key™

Removing ticks is tricky business, that’s why Donna Lucene created the Original Tick Key to safely combat the clingy parasites. These disease-spreading insects are hazardous to people young and old, plus their pets, too. Fumbling with tweezers to d…

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