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The Thinking Egg

The Thinking Egg

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  • Complete set includes one of each egg, one copper nest, one storage pouch
  • Ergonomically designed and perfectly balanced to feel comfortable in your hands
  • Reminder to practice mindfulness
  • Can keep restless hands busy
  • Copper ring can be used as a "nest" stand for the egg or as a reflexology treatment for fingers and to support balance by stimulating reflex points
  • Please note: Not to be ingested
  • Made in Canada
Eggs: Brass, lava stone, howlite stone, or pine; Nest: Copper; Storage pouch: Cotton
Polish when needed
One egg, one copper nest, one storage pouch. See details on each egg below
Lava Stone
Solidified from molten lava and believed to have grounding metaphysical properties that strengthen and stabilize in times of change. Lava stone is also thought to help with dissipating anger. In addition, lava stone (because of its porous nature) makes for a great essential oil diffuser. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil
Pine has been used medicinally for thousands of years and is believed to have uplifting and energizing properties. Pine is thought to also help with emotional stability and concentration
Howlite stone
Howlite is believed to have strong metaphysical qualities that help with grounding and calming. White howlite is said to help alleviate anxiety and stress while also promoting strength and self-discipline
Brass has been said to have healing properties to boost the immune system while also increasing melatonin (sleep and wakefulness)
Dimensions (each)
0.91" x 0.66" diameter
Lava: 0.01 lb; Pine: 0.006 lb; Howlite: 0.024 lb; Brass: 0.056 lb; Complete set: 0.18 lb
Small Business Support


4.5 avg. (10 reviews)

Given as a gift — VERY well received
12/26/2019 by Sandee
I gave this as a Christmas gift to a friend who has a job that can be stressful. She loved them. I am hoping that the small size will make them a discreet stress relief for her.
12/18/2019 by Brian
Product is cool and all, but it’s super tiny. I was expecting something probably twice as big as this actually is. I’m afraid I’m going to lose it...
Eggs, the sign of new life.
12/09/2019 by Paula
Love the idea of having eggs made from stone, wood and metal
06/28/2019 by Jillian
A wonderful idea to remind yourself to take time to be mindful.
Lovely items with disappointing aspects
05/29/2019 by A.M.
I ordered the Entire Set option - one of each egg, for a total of four. The eggs themselves are delightful - small enough to fit in the palm of my closed hand, to fill the hollow when my hand is not a fist. The materials are each unique from the other, I can tell which one I'm touching with my eyes closed. Each egg came in a .... I guess it's a paper bag with a zipper-close (like a plastic storage bag). As you can see in one picture, it is a large lump with a lot of paper around it. Which isn't a problem for getting it to me - but the *single* small burlap bag that came with it can't hold all the eggs in their bag. Which means that if I put all the eggs into the bag, they're rubbing against each other and potentially damaging each other. I'm particularly concerned about the rough surface of the lava stone egg scraping against the wooden one. There's only the one bag, and no other way to protect them from each other. Further, I only received 1 of the coiled ring stands. So I can't have them all sitting pretty on their 'nests'. I will admit that the detailed information mentions that the 'entire set' option only has one of each object. I may have skimmed that, and it did not set my expectations properly. However, I could wish there was a way to get more of the storage bags, or the copper coiled rings. And I wish each egg had some individual protector, so to have all of them together. As it is, I have two in the bottom with their paper bags sideways - like o>o> and then the other two on top with their paper bags cupping them, opening up. This does fit all of them, protected, into the storage bag, and the copper ring can tuck in on top. It is, however, jarringly inelegant.
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The Thinking Egg

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Disconnect, breathe, and refocus. The Thinking Egg is a small but meaningful mindfulness tool made to help you recenter in the midst of busy days and lives. Each egg is crafted from an organic material with meaning, chosen for its belief to help manifest different goals, like lava stone for strength and pine for concentration. It's made to fit perfectly in your palm or keep one in your pocket or rest it in its copper nest.

Orijin Design Company

The Thinking Egg Maker Oscar Bonilla, Jr. wanted to slow down, but that was easier said than done with his busy life. Being raised by parents who were constantly working made him realize he wanted—and needed—something different for himself.

His solution is a small but mighty one. The Thinking Egg is a mindfulness tool made to help folks refocus, be more present, and, yes, slow down. Oscar chose the egg shape for its symbolism of life and promise. And he made it fit in the palm of your hand, to both feel good and be easy to have on you.

This simple approach is made more meaningful with the organic materials Oscar chose for his eggs, each thought to help manifest what you want in your life, like lava stone for strength and pine for concentration.

Turning off life might seem like an impossible task, but with an egg on your desk, in your pocket, or in your hand, it's a little bit easier to take a break and breathe. more Their Story