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Split-Toe Bunion Relief Socks

Split-Toe Bunion Relief Socks

by OS1st

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Full Details

  • Targeted conditions: Bunion pain, toe separation, toe friction
  • For sizing information see sleeve and sock size charts
  • Seamless comfort and construction
  • Patent pending split-toe design for separation and pain relief
  • Moisture management
  • Reduces forefoot swelling
  • Made in Taiwan
Socks: 82% nylon, 18% LYCRA spandex; Sleeve: 64% nylon, 20% TPU; 16% LYCRA spandex
Wash on gentle, air dry, no bleach, no fabric softener
One sleeve or one pair of socks
Small Socks
Fits men's size 3-6 or women's size 4-7
Medium Socks
Fits men's size 6.5-9.5 or women's size 7.5-10
Large Socks
Fits men's size 10-13 or women's size 10.5+
S/M Sleeve
Fits men's size 3-7 or women's size 4-8
L/XL Sleeve
Fits men's size 8-13 or women's size 9+
9" x 3" x 0.5"
0.11 lb
Small Business Support


3.5 avg. (10 reviews)

No more pain
01/03/2020 by Betty
I really like how the material is made. I love the split toe design. My bunions don't hurt as much as wearing regular socks. Great product I highly recommend this product.
great idea
10/31/2019 by Carol
These socks fit very snuggly, and don't move once they're on. I cold weather I put another pair of warmer, taller socks over them. They relieve a lot of the problems caused by my bunions, with less fuss than other remedies I've tried. Definitely recommended!
These socks are a God Send!
10/29/2019 by Theresa
I have tried just about everything on the market to help ease the discomfort of the bunion on my right foot, short of surgery. These sicks are the ticket! They keep my second toe from overlapping, & prevent the rubbing inside a shoe, ANY shoe! I have already bought 2 more pair, and recommended to a friend who has also purchased them. I also love the compression support it gives my foot. Thank you!
Good/not good
10/24/2019 by Helen
This is just what I was looking for. I have a 'bunion' on my right foot as a result of breaking my foot a few years ago. I ordered these socks to wear at night to provide support. The right one fits great, which is fine for the foot with the bunion, but the left one felt like it was many sizes smaller. I had to cut the elastic to make it fit comfortably. Not that big a deal because I don't need it on the left foot...just a bummer that to spend this much money, the socks aren't the same size. I do like the one for my right foot, though!
Almost perfect
10/07/2019 by Dorothy
The bunion sleeve is an improvement over stick on bunion cushions. It can be worn with socks and I like that it can be worn on either foot. The split toe and splint work well, but I was disappointed that there was no additional padding under the splint. If there had been padding this would have been a 5 star rating.
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Split-Toe Bunion Relief Socks

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These stretchy split-toe bunion socks and sleeves combine medical-grade compression with an anatomical fit to promote gradual correction and pain relief. Made comfy with seamless construction, the split-toe design and targeted bunion pad help realign toe angles and reduce swelling.


OS1st is a family-owned company based in Hickory, North Carolina. Founder David Higgins was at the forefront of the diabetic socks market and he (along with the rest of the team) are responsible for the first patented plantar fasciitis sleeve and the first use of medical compression therapy to help treat foot injuries.
These orthopedic compression sleeves and socks join this tradition with targeted construction that caters to bunion and plantar fasciitis relief. Medical-grade compression offers supportive structure, realignment, and relief for the arch, ankle, and Achilles tendon. A combination of padding and support aims to reduce pain and swelling while also promoting comfort. It’s all made with soft, moisture-wicking fabric that’s breathable and fits with shoes for everyday use and healing. more Their Story