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Power Nap Pillow - Light Power Nap Pillow - Light

Power Nap Pillow - Light

Full Details

  • Materials: Fabric: 95% viscose, 5% elastomer; Filling: Micro polystyrene beads
  • Care: Spot clean with mild soap and water. Do not machine wash, tumble dry, iron, bleach, or dry clean
  • Adjustable circumference opening for the head
  • Made in Spain
  • Dimensions: 12.4" x 6.5" x 3.9"
  • Weight: 0.56 lb.


4.5 avg. (22 reviews)

Meets every expectation
04/21/2018 by Kim
I looked at the bigger Ostrich pillow for quite a while before deciding that this one could meet my needs as well. It is soft, blocks out light and sound, and I can breathe. Looking forward to traveling with it. So pleased with this purchase.
Love my new Ostrich Pillow
02/19/2017 by Karen
I have used this every day since the ostrich pillow arrived. I use it during the day when I am resting, when I have a migraine to block the light, and when I wish to go to sleep before my husband is finished reading in bed. It is very soft around the eyes and comfortable.
08/19/2016 by Margie
I love my Ostrich Pillow! I use it in the mornings when I can't sleep and get on my recliner! I am out in no time! It's soft and comfortable and blocks the light! Love it! Thank you so much! :)
Cool Idea
11/23/2015 by Mike
Bought two of these for my friend and I to make a trip from Texas to Bali. We both loved using these pillows on the plane. I even used them when I returned from my trip to block the light while I took a nap to counter my jet-lag.
Love it
11/21/2015 by Phoebe
I use this often because I travel a lot. Perfect for when you need to use the seat tray as a head rest.
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Power Nap Pillow - Light

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Its soothing interior shelters and isolates your face, perfect for a power nap. Its clever design lends itself to being portable, comfortable, and adjustable. Take it with you when you travel and recharge while on the go.

Ostrich Pillow

Sometimes all you need is a power nap—after a stressful day; to counter jet lag; or for a chance to relax. The Ostrich Pillow is a dream come true. Burrow your head and arms into its cozy “cocoon” and you’ll be in dreamland before you know it.

Created by Studio Banana Things, a brand that puts the fun in functional, the Ostrich Pillow puts a new spin on relaxation. Recognizing that we spend so much time at work, in front of the screen or in transit, they created this new pillow to help us disconnect and dream. Power napping increases productivity by 34%. This pillow isolates the head and the hands comfortably so you can relax and replenish.

Great for frequent travel, the dorm, the desk, or home, the Ostrich Pillow is like that comfy old sweatshirt you just can’t part with. Block out the noise, the light, and the world for a little catnap. Snooze and awake refreshed. more Their Story