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Lightweight Kevlar Cinch Lock

Lightweight Kevlar Cinch Lock

Made in the USA

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  • Made in the USA: Wilsonville, OR
  • Materials: Stainless steel bands, Kevlar® fiber, Santoprene® plastic, cerakote paint, aluminum
  • Designed for short stay security and protecting against theft
  • Features smash-proof aluminum head with resettable combination lock
  • Multi-layer steel and Kevlar® band design makes it extremely cut-resistant
  • Innovative design is stronger than a cable lock but lighter than a U-Lock
  • Lightweight design makes it great for use while biking, camping, and traveling
  • Coated in durable, anti-scratch Santoprene® plastic
  • Dimensions: 18" Lock: 0.75" x 3.75" diameter; 30" Lock: 0.75" x 4" diameter; 60" Lock: 0.75" x 4.5" diameter
  • Weight: 18" Lock: 0.32 lb; 30" Lock: 0.39 lb; 60" Lock: 0.57 lb
Made in the USA


4 avg. (7 reviews)

Security for my bike!
10/05/2019 by Michael
I just love the Cinch lock! Easy to set my personal combination and it’s solid!
The best!!
09/22/2019 by Teresa
Light weight, perfect to bike with. So easy to carry around.
07/15/2019 by Jan
I like this lock but wish I had ordered a longer one. However, after a year of use the tip has worn off. Consequently I have cut myself a number of times on the sharp edge that is exposed. I will likely go back to the standard lock since this lock is a bit pricey if needing to be replaced every year.
Heavier than I was expecting
06/27/2019 by Ruth
Easy to cut. Not worth the price.
06/26/2019 by Arthur
N Ice for bike
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Lightweight Kevlar Cinch Lock

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Secure your ride—and just about anything else—with a lightweight bike lock that merges a cinch tie and a combination lock in one durable and flexible (not to mention compact) design. The Kevlar® fiber and stainless steel band is cut-resistant, and the aluminum lock is smash-proof, making this lock stronger than some others and easier to take along with you, too.


Many cyclists lock up their bikes with a traditional U-lock, but do so begrudgingly—which is how OTTOLOCK was born. This lightweight, tough, and easy-to-use alternative won't weigh you down like a cumbersome U-lock can.

OTTOLOCK comes from pro cyclist Jacob Rathe and co-founder Jake VanderZanden who teamed up to lighten up typical lock bulk without sacrificing security.

It is Made in the USA with a cut-resistant Kevlar® fiber, a stainless steel band, and a smash-proof aluminum combination lock. The adjustable cinching design is more versatile than other locks we’ve seen and works great with gear like a bike, grill, or anything you want to secure. The bendable design coils up into a three-inch diameter when it isn’t on guard duty. more Their Story