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Color Sensing Robot - Starter Pack Color Sensing Robot - Starter Pack

Color Sensing Robot - Starter Pack

by Ozobot

Full Details

  • Combining robotics and gaming, Ozobot uses a color-based code language to navigate seamlessly from tablet to paper
  • DIY programming introduces kids to code language, robotic behavior, and deductive reasoning while having fun
  • Download games on the Ozobot App for free for iOS (via the App store) and Android (via Google Play). The app is optimized for screen sizes exceeding 9" to interact with your Ozobot
  • For customized maps and mazes, Sharpie or Crayola markers (in red, light blue, light green, and black) are suggested. Lines must be 1/4" thick for Ozobot to read
  • Visual feedback with multicolor LED lighting
  • Chill or thrill speeds using dual micromotors
  • Autonomous cruising via precision line-sensing and instant surface recognition
  • Made in China
Polycarbonate (PC) outer shell, Delrin Acetal (POM) housing, TPU protective skin
Periodically roll the Ozbot's wheels several times on a clean white paper to maintain proper function and operational longevity
One Ozobot Bit, color code markers, 20+ games and brain teasers, clear play sleeve with reusable code stickers, USB charger, Ozoskin protective cover, DIY Ozoskin with personality stickers
1" x 1" x 1"
0.1 lb


4.5 avg. (33 reviews)

Well-received gift to young teen granddaugther.
01/03/2019 by Kathryn
Granddaughter reports that she loves her Ozobot!
Ozobot doesn't work
06/07/2018 by Richard
I took the Ozobot out of the package and followed instructios for charging. The only led color was white. Never charged properly, wouldn't turn on or off. Instructions for using the product are vague and confusing.
Stimulating toy
01/03/2018 by Noreen
Great toy for all ages of kids and grown ups. The product picture is deceiving because it shows 2 robots. But you get only one robot and that was disappointment for me because I have two grand sons and thought both would one to try different things.
8 yr. old grandson: BEST PRESENT EVER!
12/29/2017 by Sue
Wasn’t sure if 8 year old would be too young, but WOW! I was THE most popular Gramma ever! He spent an hour and had to go out and came right back to learn more! Had to FaceTime me to show how it works! He has struggled with reversals and writing, and I believe this will excite him enough to read more and be excited about the science, technology side of it all! He can’t wait to learn more, and when he learned it could DANCE to his favorite music
Review for orzobot
01/13/2017 by Judith
So disappointed, sounds so easy to use but it's not. And the size is misrepresented - much much smaller than it appears in your fad. I love the Grommet and shop here often but this product is a thumbs down for our family. Sorry Grommet.
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Color Sensing Robot - Starter Pack

A bridge between technology and family game night, Ozobot encourages kids to play and interact. Kids code Ozobot’s movements by drawing color-coded lines on a tablet or on plain old white paper. Put Ozobot on the lines and he’ll do what the code says.


Today, when kids play with technology it’s usually a solo endeavor. (Read = antisocial.) That’s the problem Maker Nader Hamda noticed watching his two daughters. They were both playing a popular mobile game, each confined to her own screen.

Nader was inspired to create Ozobot, a toy that infuses technology with the social aspects of family game night. And he made it educational, too.

This tiny robot reads colors and responds with different movements. Ozobot will follow the instructions you create. Make it advance, retreat, spin, speed up, dance, and more. It can learn hundreds of different commands.

With the included app, kids draw colored lines on a tablet for Ozobot to obey. But Ozobot works on plain old paper, too. Use fat markers to tell it exactly what to do.

As they’re teaching Ozobot to obey, kids are actually being taught. They’ll learn logic and basic coding skills as they decipher how to direct its moves. And best of all, this toy encourages kids to interact with other real-life members of the family. more Their Story