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Female Urination Device

by P-Mate

Full Details

  • Materials: Cardboard
  • Includes 15 P-Mates
  • Allows females to stand to void (urinate), which eliminates the need to squat
  • Unfold to the "open funnel" position and snugly place between the legs to fit against the body and tilt downward to prevent spilling
  • Hygienic
  • Biodegradable
  • Disposable—stores in zip lock bag for easy disposal
  • Folds to fit discreetly in a pocket
  • Fits easily in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment
  • Great for travel, sports, camping, or festivals
  • Cannot be flushed
  • Made of recycled materials and finely waxed cardboard for stability, and to prevent it from absorbing water
  • Made in Lebanon
  • Package Dimensions: 11" x 0.25" x 4"
  • Weight: 0.09 lb.

4.5 avg. (118 reviews)

Love! Life Changer!
07/19/2019 by Rebecca
I bought these for an upcoming hiking/camping trip and they were life changing!!! So grateful I didn’t have to squat and pull my pants all the way down! I liked the ease and cleanliness of using this product. I even distributed a few to some friends because they didn’t believe such a product existed. I will have them with me everywhere I go. No more nasty public toilets for me and road trips not a problem! I have my P-Mate! Love!
Great idea!
06/26/2019 by Beth
I actually haven’t used this yet, but purchased it in case of emergency in my travels. Glad to have it on hand!
02/15/2019 by Carol
This product enables women to pee behind a tree if necessary - and to stand up in a public bathroom. Life changing.
Bought as a gag gift...everyone loved it....forgot to bring it on my glaming (not camping) trip...would have been great for that
11/03/2018 by BARBARA
See above
My friends laughed
10/19/2018 by Cadcan
A recent hiking trip was made much more enjoyable with this product. Worked perfectly. I did try it at home first to test. You do still have lower your pants slightly to position, but no more naked, squatting butt!
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Female Urination Device

by P-Mate

Female Urination Device
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Female Urination Device

A disposable, sanitary, single use female urination device that allows women to discreetly and neatly stand up and "go."

Karen Diamond

If a man finds himself without access to a restroom, he can simply turn his back for privacy. Now, the same can be said for women. Easy to use with everything from pants and shorts to skirts, P-Mate is a disposable, recyclable, cardboard device that allows women to discreetly relieve their bladders while standing—no dropping your drawers required.

Appalled by some of the unsanitary bathroom facilities she encountered while traveling through Indonesia, the Dutch born creator of P-Mate, Moon Zijp, was inspired to come up with a solution. Thoughtfully engineered to fit neatly in a pocket, purse, or backpack, this leak-free, biodegradable device is ideal for traveling, camping, hiking, musical festivals, tailgating and more. It has even been used by women in the military.

The folks at P-Mate call it hygienic freedom. We call it a welcome relief from holding it in, withholding liquids, squatting, and hovering.