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Organic Loose Leaf Tea

by P & T

Full Details

  • Loose leaf tea can be infused twice
  • Each original recipe weaves together a masterful palette of all-natural ingredients to highlight and celebrate the essence of tea
  • All tea is orthodox, meaning hand-picked and processed according to traditional practices
  • Teas sourced at origin, blends created in Germany
3.2-3.5 oz of loose leaf organic tea (weight varies by blend)
Sprites Delight
A lush and lively green tea medley of strawberry and blueberry fruit, tangy elderberry flower, paired with a pinch of fragrant basil and earthy beetroot for a playful, exuberant cup that has pixies and elves alike frolicking with delight. Contains caffeine. Ingredients: Chinese green tea (70%), carob bits, blackberry leaves, beetroot bits, elderflowers, basil leaves, strawberry bits, blueberries, natural aroma
Brave New Earl
A case of genteel one-upmanship, this bold twist on the classic Earl Grey is inspired by the fancy for a refreshing, juniper-endowed gin and tonic under the Indian sun from where this black tea hails. Whiffs of jasmine accentuate its air of sophistication and exotic cool. Contains caffeine. Ingredients: Tea, juniper berries, tea flowers, bergamot oil, bergamot bits
Les Metrofolies
Indulge your sweet-toothed senses with this playful mélange of a smooth organic Chinese black regaled by rich cocoa nibs, zesty orange, and creamy vanilla. It’s delightful exhilaration in a cup, to be enjoyed with your favorite dessert or on its own. Contains caffeine. Ingredients: Tea, citrus peels, cocoa nibs, honeybush tea, liquorice root, vanilla bits, red cornflower petals, rose petals
Berry Pomp
“Nothing succeeds like excess”, a certain favorite savant of taste and life once asserted. This super-charged fruity cup is filled to the brim with pure, exuberant black and red berry power delight. Caffeine-free. Ingredients: Elderberries, hibiscus flowers, apple bits, beetroot bits, citrus peels, strawberry bits, rose petals, black currants, blueberries, cherries
Cederberg Chai
This spicy-sweet, organic chai blends South African redbush with the local flavors of the Cape Malay people. Savory roasted red pepper, coconut, ginger, and tangy licorice come together to pack a lively punch—enough to race ostriches. Caffeine-free. Ingredients: Rooibos, ginger, fennel, pepper, licorice root, red bell pepper, cloves, allspice, coconut chips
Deep Asana
Pure organic spices of superior provenance are used to create this traditional, yogi-inspired Ayurvedic blend. The energizing yet grounding infusion helps to maintain a comfortable and steady state of body and mind. Caffeine-free. Ingredients: Ginger, cinnamon, carob bits, cloves, pepper, licorice root, green cardamom
5.84" x 2.95" diameter
0.3 lb

4.5 avg. (8 reviews)

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Organic Loose Leaf Tea

by P & T

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Rethink your cup of tea. This loose leaf tea is organic and orthodox, meaning it is hand-picked and processed according to traditional practices. It is all sourced from small-scale, non-industrial tea farms before being combined with aromatics like dried flowers, vegetables, and herbs to make for uniquely flavored modern blends.
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P & T

Paper and Tea specialty teas grew from founder Jens de Gruyter’s childhood. A tea merchant uncle introduced him to tea—really good tea—at a young age, and Jens’ passion blossomed from there. He started the Berlin-based P & T when he returned from trips throughout Asia and found the tea back home in Germany to be lacking. Jens wants others to be able to take part in an authentic tea-drinking experience like the ones he had in Korea, Taiwan, China, and Japan. This is why he sources only organic and orthodox teas from small-scale, non-industrial tea farmers in those areas—some of whom he first encountered on his travels. Orthodox means the tea is hand-picked and processed with traditional methods, which is key to Jens. P & T then takes the tea and blends it into unique modern flavors that are tasty twists on classics, like Brave New Earl, a gin and tonic-inspired fresh take on traditional Earl Grey. And to make those loose leaf teas sing, P & T’s modern-looking tools, like a personal teapot and matcha and cold brew sets, are well-made ways to brew your own.
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