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Adult Trivia Game About You

945 personal questions · Icebreaker and conversation starter · Ages 14 and up

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Get to know family and friends better with a trivia game that gets personal. From habits to opinions and preferences, each card asks three questions players answer for each other. From guessing if you’re a cat or dog person, to what body part you wash first in the shower, this game is a surefire icebreaker that gets conversations going fast.

  • View rules to learn how to play
  • A party game with a goal to answer all three trivia questions on the reader's card correctly to earn a point. A player wins when they collect 5 points
  • All questions are about the players' personal lives
  • 315 cards with 945 trivia questions about your personal life
  • Designed to be played with four to twelve players
  • Made in Vietnam

945 personal questions:

Icebreaker and conversation starter


One game set, complete with 315 cards and rule booklet


5" x 4" x 3"


1.1 lbs


Matte laminated card stock, black pigment


Store in a cool, dry place


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Thomas Watson was inspired to make PANDO™ after too many party-game experiences felt boring or cringy. He wanted a game that could work with just about any family or group of friends, so he took things back to basics and started with personal questions. Dozens of focus groups in his hometown of Boise, Idaho, proved to Thomas that PANDO™ was the perfect blend of party starter and conversation sparker. Each card has three questions a player asks of the group. These can range from basics, like your preference for cats or dogs, to a little deeper, like your opinion on debating people on social media. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of silliness in between—like your underwear style and if you drool in your sleep—that players need to take a stab at answering. And with 945 questions in one deck of cards, the group will be talking and laughing all night while learning more about each other in the process.

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