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Monofloral Raw Chilean Honey Monofloral Raw Chilean Honey

Monofloral Raw Chilean Honey

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  • Ingredients: 100% raw honey
  • Harvested by farmers in Patagonia being paid above Fair Trade prices & wages
  • Small-batch honey comes from individual beekeepers
  • All-natural, raw honey free of pesticides or GMOs
  • Harvested from bees with monofloral nectar sources
  • Each honey has unique flavor profile, named after flowering trees unique to Patagonia region
  • Great for pairing with cheeses, meats, desserts, tea & more
  • Made in Chile
  • Dimensions: 3.25" x 3.25" x 2.25"
  • Weight: 0.56 lb Flavor Profiles:
  • Rainforest: Rainforest honey reminds the tastebuds of honeysuckle and has notes of cinnamon and clove. This honey is smooth and soft with a slight granulation that gives it a pleasant texture. Its fruity undertones leave a pleasant freshness on the palate. Often a favorite of honey lovers because it is reminiscent of traditional wildflower honey
  • Ulmo: Ulmo honey is one of Patagonia’s best-kept secrets. Not only does this honey have a richly floral flavor and a sweet aroma with notes of lavender and mint, it also possesses tremendous antibacterial properties comparable to Manuka honey. Its creamy texture leads some to think this is whipped honey, but the smoothness of Ulmo honey is actually due to its fine crystallization. And we make sure it arrives to you as the bees made it—perfectly raw
  • Tineo: This thick honey is characterized by its intensely warm flavor that allows its “flower garden” sensations to linger on the palate. Perhaps the boldest and brightest of the varieties, Tineo honey surprises you with a spiced aftertaste. It has a granular crystallization, so if you like honey with some texture, Tineo honey is for you
  • Valdivian: The rarest of our honey varieties from the 2017 harvest, this honey is named after the Valdivian Rainforest in Patagonia. This honey has a smooth flavor and aroma with notes of caramel and anise. It has fresh, floral touches and large natural crystallization that make for quite the sensory experience. Valdivian honey is a bifloral variety of the Tineo and Yuyu flowers (nectar sources of the bees), so rare that this was the first year our beekeepers had harvested this variety
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4.5 avg. (15 reviews)

Great Honey
11/03/2019 by Sue
I love the honey, it’s pricey but a nice change for a little treat. The honey has a very nice flavor. If you no someone who loves honey these honey’s will make a great gift.
Nice but as distinctive as expected
11/01/2019 by Anne
I purchase honey, local, exotic, whatever. I expected this one to be uniquely memorable. It’s good honey, but not especially memorable.
09/24/2019 by Audrey
These are meant to be Christmas gifts, but I’ll need to make sure they aren’t compromised. Leakage from all 4. Glad there wasn’t anything else in the box! Sticky mess.
Amazing honey! Best flavor anywhere!
08/27/2019 by Nmarie
In our family, we only buy this honey, and we have bought it multiple times! Each time the flavor is just awesome! Try this honey- it'll be the best you've ever had!
08/19/2019 by Debbie
Absolutely the best honey I have ever tasted, bar none!
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Monofloral Raw Chilean Honey

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There’s a lot to appreciate about this artisan honey—like that it’s raw, Fair Trade, and GMO- and pesticide-free. But what makes it truly special is that it is monofloral, meaning it comes from a single nectar source—in this case, the flowering trees in the rainforest of Chile. It is sustainably harvested from the hives of a single beekeeper (who is paid fair wages) to ensure the distinctively delicious flavor of each jar stays pure.

Patagonia Bee Products

Patagonia Bee artisan honey began when co-founders Jacob Perry and Ross Ferguson trekked through Chile in 2011, and knew they had to go back. They did, and are now supporting that local beekeeping community with fair wages–and a way for them to share their unique honey.

This raw and GMO- and pesticide-free honey is monofloral, which means each small batch is sourced from the nectar of one plant—in this case, from the flowering trees of the Patagonian rainforest. The fragrant flavors are deliciously different from traditional honey, which is often a blend from many hives, and even many countries. Any of the stand-out flavors make a tasty accompaniment to cheese or fruit or are delicious to enjoy on its own.

Because Patagonia Bee practices a hive-to-hand philosophy, each jar contains honey from hives of one beekeeper. This preserves the distinctive flavor of a single harvest, while giving an economic boost to the beekeepers. more Their Story

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