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Smaller Pet Burial Pods

Full Details

  • Once planted, the seeded paper on the sympathy card will produce beautiful wild flowers year after year as a living memorial of your pet
  • Each pod is a blank canvas, which can be decorated in remembrance of the departed
  • Micro pod suitable for gold fish, beta fish, hermit crabs, dwarf hamsters, mice, etc.
  • Mini pod suitable for birds, hamsters, lizards, rats, etc.
  • When laying your pet to rest, make sure to bury the Pod a minimum of one foot below the earth's surface. Once your pet is laid to rest, back fill the resting place so that there is approximately three inches of soil mounded above grade level. Then place your seeded leaf on top of mounded dirt and cover with an additional two inches of soil
  • Made in China
Biodegradable bamboo powder and rice husk
Special flower seeded leaf and sympathy card designed for planting with the pod or in a special place
Micro: 4" x 4" x 2"; Mini: 8.5" x 4.25" x 3"
Micro: 0.27 lb; Mini: 0.6 lb

4.5 avg. (7 reviews)

Heavy Duty
11/28/2018 by nancy
A nice item. I haven't used it as yet, but I will when ready. It is very sturdy and I trust it will suit the purpose!
Perfect solution for a tough day
06/29/2018 by April
Unfortunately our pod arrived with a broken lid as it was not protectively wrapped for shipping, and it came without the wildflower seed packet that was promised. Otherwise this would be a five star review. I was able to repair the broken lid with packing tape, as we did not have time to return it due to the sudden loss of the hamster. It was helpful to have this, as the children were grieving the loss of their beloved hamster and felt better when they knew he was safe in his pod.
Perfect for taking care of deceased fur babies
02/24/2018 by doug
I ordered this for our hamster Trixie after she passed. It was delivered faster than expected which was great! There was a small chip in a corner of the pod which I figured happened during shipping. This did not effect the overall function of the pod. Thank you for offering this option for pet owners to handle end of life situations in a dignified manner.
Pet Urn
09/07/2016 by Patricia
I had to return the the original one I ordered. The replacement is terrific. My beloved Charlie, a therapy dog, passed away and I could not think of a more fitting burial urn for him. He gave to people all of his life and now he will continue to give back in a touching and living memorial.
07/21/2015 by Frances
It was much too small so I had to return it. However I liked the product.
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Sustainable Living

Smaller Pet Burial Pods

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Paw Pods are eco-friendly burial capsules designed for pets, providing a respectful, dignified way of laying them to rest. A proper burial can provide closure and help with the transition of loss, especially for children. Each Paw Pod comes with a seeded leaf that grows into a lasting memorial of wildflowers.
Sustainable Living

Ben Riggan

The passing of a pet can be a terribly painful time, but being able to lay them to rest in a respectful, dignified way often provides closure and helps us heal. Paw Pods are eco-friendly, affordable burial pods designed just for pets.

When Founder Ben Riggan’s dogs had to be put to sleep due to age-related health problems, they were returned to him in blue “cadaver bags.” The impersonal treatment made a hard experience that much harder, so Ben created Paw Pods as a better way for vets to handle the remains of beloved family pets. Now Paw Pods are available to everyone in multiple sizes and urns.

Pets are often a child’s first experience with the concept of death—whether a goldfish, turtle, cat, or dog. A proper burial can help kids transition through a time of confusion and loss. Paw Pods can easily be painted or decorated to celebrate your pet’s life, and they allow you to bury them in a meaningful place of your choosing.

Paw Pods are made from 100% biodegradable bamboo and rice husks, but are durable enough to protect from curious wildlife. Each one comes with a seeded memorial card to bury with it, transforming the site into a tribute of wildflowers.

Say goodbye with love and respect and watch your pet’s memorial bloom.