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Rock 'N Bowl Dog Feeder Rock 'N Bowl Dog Feeder

Rock 'N Bowl Dog Feeder

by PAW5

Made in the USA

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: Albany, NY
  • Materials: BPA- and phthalate-free polypropylene and TPE plastic
  • Care: Top-rack dishwasher safe, separates into 3 pieces for thorough cleaning
  • Capacity: 4 cups
  • Easy to fill design, simply pour dog food on top of feeder
  • Turns mealtime into an engaging and puzzle-like experience for dog
  • Helps to slow and extend eating time
  • Remove the inside bottom tray to increase the challenge for your pup
  • For dry dog food only
  • FDA-Compliant and BPA- and phthalate-free durable plastic
  • Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 4"
  • Weight: 1 lb.
Made in the USA


4 avg. (20 reviews)

Good bowl
08/14/2019 by Ryan
It definitely slows down the rate at which they eat. I have a very smart breed so that's why I got this. She will go over to the bowl and rock it to see if food will come out in between her morning and evening meals. The picture shows a dog nosing the bowl but my small puppy wacks the edge from the top downward with her paw once or twice to get a good amount of food out of the bowl. Consequently food tends to spread out over the floor until she cleans it up. This doesn't bother me but it may bother some people so I thought I'd mention it.
Fun to watch
05/19/2019 by Angela
This bowl appears to be fun for my sag and serves the purpose to slow his eating as well. He loves it!
Slows down meal time
04/19/2019 by Martha
This bowl works great to slow our dog down while eating a meal. Instead of taking 60 seconds to eat her meal out of a regular bowl, this is 10 minutes of play time while eating.
02/14/2019 by Carol
My grand dogs food is small so was not a challenge for her to get the food out, and slow her down.
MOM & PUP approved
01/11/2019 by KAREN
my puppy was eating to fast so I'd bought several bowls to try and slow her down. This bowl is OUR favorite! I not only put her dry breakfast food in it, I also put other foods like carrots in it.
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Rock 'N Bowl Dog Feeder

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The Rock 'N Bowl is a dog food puzzle that turns mealtime into a playful, engaging challenge. After you pour food in, pieces will fall through into the compartment beneath. From there, your pup must rock and nudge the bowl to get food out. This easy-to-clean bowl gets your dog working and thinking—and eating more slowly, too.


Engage your dog’s natural hunting instincts at mealtime. The Rock 'N Bowl is a dog food puzzle that gets your pup to working and thinking—while slowing down eating.

Pour dog food in and some pieces will fall through the holes into the compartment underneath. To get that food out, your dog will need to nudge and rock the bowl. It’s a mental and physical challenge that turns feeding into a game.

When co-founder Dennis O’Donnell got a new puppy, he realized the importance of making everyday activities more engaging. He wanted an interactive food bowl, but didn’t find much—so he created the Rock 'N Bowl.

Made in the USA, this bowl is completely recyclable and free of BPA and phthalates. It’s made in a woman-owned facility that produces zero waste, too.

To appease humans, the bowl comes apart for thorough cleaning and it’s even safe in the top rack of your dishwasher. Most dogs look forward to feeding time. Now they’ll look forward to their feeding bowl as well. more Their Story