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Bamboo Tangram Puzzle

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This good-looking and well-made update of a traditional tangram puzzle follows the same rules as its centuries-old Chinese ancestor. Just seven tiles (and some imagination) are all you need to make thousands of different configurations—and have endless fun creating them and solving puzzles from the included guide.

  • Instructions: Each Pebbles set comes with a booklet of 54 puzzles with their solutions to get you started. It is suggested that players under the ages of 10 or 12 might have more fun by using the answer key as a guide to make the shapes. You don't always need to solve a puzzle when you play with Pebbles, sometimes the most fun is to just play with the tiles and doodle around until you start to see a pattern
  • Pebbles can be used to solve thousands of traditional tangram puzzles
  • Strengthens creative and visual problem solving skills
  • Modelled on riverstones, the curved shapes make Pebbles relaxing to play with and hold
  • A bowl of Pebbles makes great desk decor as well as an invitation to play
  • Bamboo is a rapid growth material and is sustainably harvested
  • Challenging for all ages, you can work on the puzzles alone, as a team, or race against each other
  • Ages 5+
  • Made in China
Sustainable Living


Seven bamboo fiber tiles based on the traditional tangram puzzles, a travel pouch, and puzzle guide


5.2" x 5.2" x 0.25"


0.48 lb


Molded biodegradable bamboo fiber


Dishwasher safe


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Folks have been twisting, turning, and, well, puzzling over tangram puzzles for centuries. The puzzles originated in China hundreds of years ago and prove that the simple but potentially complex game is still as engaging as ever. Pebbles is a fresh take on the older-than-old-school puzzle. There’s still the same seven tiles, and thousands of potential configurations you can make with them. But this updated tangram is made using sustainably grown bamboo so the tiles feel good, and are pleasant to look at, too. Which is exactly what friends and Pebbles Co-Founders (and game lovers) Adrienne and Liz wanted. Whether you’re solving a puzzle from the included guide, or just playing around making shapes, this is a great way to exercise those creative thinking and problem solving skills—while having too much fun to notice.

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