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  • Shirt Sleeve Ironing Tool by The Perfect Sleeve - 1
  • Shirt Sleeve Ironing Tool by The Perfect Sleeve - 2
  • Shirt Sleeve Ironing Tool by The Perfect Sleeve - 3
  • Shirt Sleeve Ironing Tool by The Perfect Sleeve - 4
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  • Shirt Sleeve Ironing Tool by The Perfect Sleeve - 6

Shirt Sleeve Ironing Tool

Full Details

  • Instructions: Remove The Perfect Sleeve from the magnetic clip holder, slide it into your sleeve and release. Iron the sleeve and wait until it has cooled before slowly releasing the spring tension. See user manual for more information
  • Suitable for any size shirt
  • Also works on children's pants and most women's pant legs
  • Magnetic mount holder attaches to ironing board
  • Allows you to create symmetrical, straight creases
  • Caution: Keep away from children. The fork is spring loaded and spring tension can cause injury to the eyes, nose, mouth, and face. Do not pull the fork quickly out of the box or sleeve and release the tension. Be equally careful when removing it from the magnetic holder
  • Made in China
Stainless steel, nickel, magnets
One ironing tool and one magnetic clip holder
23" x 6" x 0.2"
0.4 lb

5 avg. (14 reviews)

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Shirt Sleeve Ironing Tool

starting at $14.95
This sleeve ironing tool makes it simple to achieve a wrinkle-free appearance, down to the cuff. Slide the spring-like rod into a shirt sleeve (or children’s or ladies’ pant legs) to apply outward pressure so you can iron out a perfectly crease-free look.
Small Business Support

The Perfect Sleeve

Berlin, Germany-based Maker Christian Peitzner-Lloret needed to look polished and pressed while on the job as a lawyer, but getting crease-free sleeves when ironing his shirts proved to be a challenge. He swapped his legal cap for an inventor one and created The Perfect Sleeve. This ironing tool works as an easy and practical solution to getting smooth ironed results, without taking a trip to the dry cleaners. A spring-like rod fits into a sleeve—and even some children’s or ladies’ pant legs—and holds it taut so you can get your iron on without causing any creases. When you’re done (and the tool has cooled), it can store right on an ironing board.
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