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Puzzle Post US Inc
Personalized Escape In An Envelope For Kids

Immersive puzzle · Crack the code to reveal sender · Ideal for children

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Know a child who loves Escape Rooms? Treasure hunts? The story goes...Agent Jones needs help! She’s the chief spy in the Secret Service and she’s discovered a series of clues to unlock a secret message, but she can’t crack the code on her own. There are nine puzzles to solve and Agent Jones has even included an invisible ink pen to help along the way. Complete the puzzles, and the child will uncover a password that lets them reveal the secret message. Each item in the puzzle represents a different challenge - some are math-based, others logic - but all are designed to test different spy skills!

  • Made in Carrollton, Texas
  • Pen and envelope sourced outside of the US
  • Personalize your message. Write, record, or snap your secret message - remember, the recipient won’t be able to see this until they crack the code
  • Puzzle Post US will stash your message in their online vault and pack up your Puzzle Post and send it in the mail to the recipient
  • Once the Puzzle Post lands on their doorstep, the recipient will complete the puzzles inside, log in to our vault and reveal the secret message. Remember to include your name in the message so they know who it's from
  • Name of recipient will be printed on instructions letter
  • Each kit is unique and all are carefully designed to make this experience feel as immersive as possible
  • Authentic and professionally made pieces conceal the puzzles within – business cards, beer mats, menus, flyers...
  • Suitable for groups of 1-5 people
  • Interested in making the puzzle more of a surprise? List a date above you would like your recipient to begin their puzzle
  • Please note: If you would like to add an image or video to your secret message, please provide your email above. Puzzle Post will reach out to provide you with a link to upload your file after checkout
Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


7- 10


Nine puzzles, One UV pen, batteries for the pen


7" x 10"


0.17 lb


Paper, UV pen


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