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PF WaterWorks
SinkGENIE No Mess, Easy Clean P-Trap

Simple installation · Provides additional cabinet space · Recover lost items with ease


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The SinkGENIE replaces the old fashioned P-Trap, simplifying your under-the-sink plumbing. Installation is quick, easy, and clean. It also eliminates the need for toxic chemicals and protects against unpleasant sewer gases. The design makes it easy to recover any items that get lost down the drain, like jewelry.

  • Replaces the old fashioned P-Trap with an easy and fast installation
  • Design makes it easy to recover lost items, like jewelry
  • Simplifies under-the-sink plumbing for your kitchen or bathroom
  • No need to disconnect from your sink or sewer line once installed
  • Easy to clean and helps provide additional under-the-sink cabinet space
  • Eliminates the need to use toxic chemicals and protects you from unpleasant sewer gases
  • Made in China


One SinkGENIE with adapter, waste arm, and gaskets


3" x 3" x 8"


0.92 lb




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