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  • Pico C Craft Beer Brewing Appliance by PicoBrew - 1
  • Pico C Craft Beer Brewing Appliance by PicoBrew - 2
  • Pico C Craft Beer Brewing Appliance by PicoBrew - 3
  • Pico C Craft Beer Brewing Appliance by PicoBrew - 4
  • Pico C Craft Beer Brewing Appliance by PicoBrew - 5
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Pico C Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

Full Details

  • Materials: 70% plastic, 30% steel
  • Care: Built-in rinse and deep clean cycles; dishwasher-safe brew keg
  • Pico Model C includes: Pico Model C brewing machine, Model C brew keg, fermentation temperature decal, keg cozy for maintaining brewing temperature, 5L serving keg, dispensing bung plug, racking tube, cleaning tab, bucket, hops pak cradle, step filter & lid, and quick start guide
  • Please note: PicoPaks sold separately
  • When used in conjunction with PicoPak pre-measured beer ingredient packs takes the guesswork out of home brewing
  • Recognizes each PicoPak and automatically follows the recipe to ensure perfect brewing results every time
  • Powerful steam heat brews evenly at a specific temperature and with increased precision to preserve beer's flavors
  • Allows you to customize both ABV & IBU before brewing
  • Wifi connected device allows you to monitor brewing process remotely
  • Unique step filtration allows even flow and reduces foam during the mash phase
  • Brews 5 liters/1.3 gallons of craft beer at one time or the equivalent of thirteen 12 ounce bottles
  • Step filter and hops cradle allow for multi-stage boils to brew any recipe to perfection
  • Compact size designed to fit on countertop or under most kitchen cabinets when not in use
  • Detachable brew keg allows you to ferment and brew additional batches in the same day (with the purchase of additional kegs)
  • PicoPak brewing kits contain all-natural grains and hops
  • 1500 watt heating capacity with two precision temperature sensors
  • Average brew cycle: 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Heating range: 90°F – 205°F
  • Power: AC input US 120V
  • Made in Mexico
  • Dimensions: 24" x 20" x 19"
  • Weight: 45 lbs

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Pico C Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

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Streamline a home brewing process with this beer making machine that takes out the guesswork—and major set-up—to deliver perfectly brewed results. Pop in a PicoPak with pre-measured ingredients (hops, yeast, and grain) from a craft brewery-supplied recipe, and the appliance takes it from there. In about 2 hours you'll have a perfectly brewed batch ready for fermentation.
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Brothers and home brewers Bill and Jim Mitchell created their own beer making machine when they both felt fed up with the inconsistent results they got. So they put their heads together—along with their backgrounds in food chemistry and appliance making—with engineer pal Avi Geiger to streamline the brewing process. PicoBrew simplifies home brewing so anyone can try it. The sleek appliance side-steps the major set-up and maintains control of each step, so you don’t have to. The hardest part might be picking which PicoPak to brew first. Each pod uses a recipe from popular craft breweries and contains the pre-measured hops, grain, and yeast needed to make an IPA, stout, or ale. Pop one in, and the PicoBrew takes it from there. After two hours of brewing in the machine and then a few weeks of fermentation, you've got your own brew.
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