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by Malpaca

Sustainable Living
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

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  • Materials: Pillow cover: 70% viscose organic bamboo, 30% OCIA International organic certified cotton
  • Care: Place in the sun for 3 hours to clean & deodorize
  • Moisture wicking and mildew- and mite-resistant
  • Pesticide- and chemical-free
  • Soft organic bamboo pillow cover
  • The natural fill will have more loft at first, but will compress slightly after conforming to each individual sleep habit
  • Some natural shedding may occur, much like feathers from a down pillow. This is expected and will not diminish the fill
  • Recommended: Use natural fabric pillow cases to allow fibers inside to breathe and perform. Cotton, Bamboo, and organic fabrics work best
  • Hand-sewn and filled in the USA
  • Dimensions: Standard: 19" x 27"; Queen: 19" x 30"; King: 19" x 35"
  • Weight: Standard: 3-4 lbs.; Queen: 4-5 lbs.; King: 5-6 lbs. Styles:
  • Light Alpaca Fill: Best for children or adults who prefer a flatter, softer pillow
  • Medium Alpaca Fill: Preferred by most
  • Full Alpaca Fill: The most full and firm support, great for the snorer who needs to be elevated, and also popular in King size for those who like a supportive & safe body pillow, especially for expecting mothers
Sustainable Living
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


4 avg. (17 reviews)

Best Pillow Ever!!!!
04/12/2019 by James
I normally do not write reviews, but I wanted everyone to know how comfortable this pillow is. I have never had a more comfortable pillow, and for it to be non-toxic on top of that is truly amazing. It is pricey, but it was worth it to me for the comfort of the pillow and knowledge that I am sleeping on something safe.
Love it
02/13/2019 by Kelly
This pillow has really improved my quality of sleep and has maintained it’s quality. It did take a few nights to adjust, so don’t give up right away.
No more neck ache or headaches
10/07/2018 by Joanna
I bought these pillows - one medium and one light - for my boyfriend and I. We both wake up with stiff necks, shoulders and often headaches despite trying ergonomic pillows and a variety of other types. Since we’ve had these we have had no pain, no sweaty heads, nothing but excellent night’s sleep. We have named our pillows Alice and Alvin Alpaca. Don’t let the price deter you. This is an investment in your well being. Ordering one for my sister for Xmas and hope she doesn’t recognize me in this review!
07/28/2018 by darlene
Pricey yet best pillow my husband ever had. And he’s a poor sleeper.
I had high hopes...
05/14/2018 by Christine
I really wish this had been the solution I needed, especially since it is so expensive. It's way to firm and I wake up with a sore ear and a headache. Now I'm stuck with a very expensive pillow stored in my closet.
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100% pure USA alpaca filled pillow, hypoallergenic, naturally fire retardant, and antibacterial.


Mary Anderle cares a lot about pillows. She cares about the filling (100% alpaca), the fabric cover (made from viscose bamboo) and even the thread and tags (organic materials).

You might not have given a lot of thought to your pillow, but Mary definitely has. An interior designer for more than 25 years, she became inspired to create alpaca pillows after learning about the inherent benefits of alpaca fiber. It’s lofty, inhospitable to dust mites, and it’s naturally fire retardant without the need for chemicals. Alpaca is also great for allergy-prone sleepers. Many people who are sensitive to wool find that they’re not sensitive to alpaca, since their fiber doesn’t contain lanolin, which can hold dust and microscopic allergens.

Mary’s Malpaca pillows are hand-sewn and filled entirely with fiber from U.S. alpacas raised in herbicide-free settings. They’re not dipped in pesticide baths, and no chemicals, dyes, or bleaches are used during processing. Maintaining one of Mary’s pillows is as simple as setting it in the sunshine, which cleans and deodorizes the pillow. And did we mention the comfort factor? Utterly luxurious. You’ll feel the difference alpaca makes, every time your head hits the pillow. more Their Story