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Smart App-Connected Vitamin Bottle Smart App-Connected Vitamin Bottle

Smart App-Connected Vitamin Bottle

by Pillsy

Full Details

  • Materials: Food grade plastic, electronics
  • Care: Keep dry, do not submerge in water
  • Includes: PillsyCap, vitamin bottle, interchangeable colored bands, instructions, and a replaceable coin cell battery
  • Syncs to the Pillsy App for Apple or Android
  • Bottle & app automatically track doses
  • App can be programmed to send medicine reminders and track dosage history
  • Battery operated, uses replaceable CR 2450 coin cell battery. Equipped to send low battery notifications to smartphone
  • Replaceable coin cell battery lasts about a year with consistent daily use
  • Warning: Not certified to be child-resistant
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 6" x 4" x 3.13"
  • Weight: 0.38 lb


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Smart App-Connected Vitamin Bottle


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With a Bluetooth pill bottle, it’s easy to remember to take your vitamins and keep track of dosages. Pillsy beeps and flashes, telling you when it’s time to take vitamins. It can also send text alerts, notifications, reminders and more to your phone. Use it to stay on top of your own doses or a family member’s.


When a Bluetooth pill bottle reminds you to take your medication, it’s easy to stay on top of doses—which is exactly what Pillsy Founders Jeff LeBrun, Chuks Onwuneme, and Otto Sipe want.

They created a smarter pill bottle to help folks manage medication more safely. Like many of us, they had all forgotten to take their meds at some point. When they started digging into statistics about this common occurrence, they realized that missed doses can have serious health impacts.

So their solution is a two-way memory aid to thwart missed or doubled doses. The bottle cap can beep and flash when it’s time to take your pill. Or it can send reminders, track dosage history and more through the app on your phone—helping you stay informed about a family member’s, or even pet’s, medications, too. more Their Story