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Therapy Dough

Hands-on mindfulness Squeeze and shape to relax and refocus Infused with essential oils
Made in the USA

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  • Made in the USA: Lewes, DE
  • Materials: Wheat, essential oils, and calming, aromatherapy scents
  • Care: Place dough back in container with lid firmly closed when not in use. Can be placed in fridge to provide cooling relaxation
  • Contains 10 oz of dough per container
  • For ages 4+
  • Please note: Not recommended for those with wheat or scent allergies
  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5" x 1.9"
  • Weight: 0.4 lb Scent Descriptions:
  • Tropics: Escape to the easy, breezy, and exotic tranquility of the Tropics. Paradise does indeed have a scent and we've captured it in all of its coconutty goodness
  • Ocean: Ah, the soothing aroma of the surf. A soft, tranquil scent that's sure to speak to your inner mermaid
  • Beach: Get mentally swept away to the seaside getaway you've been dreaming about. Beach exudes the relaxing aroma of the sand, sun, and surf
  • Autumn: Knead your way back to harvest afternoons with Autumn. The tart aroma of berries dusted with the subtle scent of spicy cinnamon exude the comforting feel of the season
  • Spa: Soft and feminine, with just a hint of soothing lavender. All the tranquility of a day at the spa without the hefty price tag
  • Citrus: Awaken your senses to the tangy zest of fresh, ripe fruit. Clean, crisp, and refreshing
  • Spice: Cinnamon blend. Knead your way back to crisp, harvest afternoons with the unmistakable scents of autumn
Made in the USA


4.5 avg. (82 reviews)

serves 2 purposes
10/11/2019 by Rita
Bought as a gift for a friend who needs hand therapy. Her granddaughters also loved to play with it! And a nice smell to boot!
08/25/2019 by Linda
I like to play with this!
Excellent gift for a fidgety mother
06/27/2019 by Megan
I gave this to my mother for her birthday. She and my father downsized when they retired and now live in a two bedroom condo. Small, unique gifts like this are perfect!
05/21/2019 by Juliana
It's not overpowering, just right. I got the lemon scent and just play with it over wine talking to my friends. I'll get it again but I think this will last a long time.
Yes to "SPICE", no to "SPA"
05/17/2019 by Alba
The Spa smell was horrendous. It smelled like strong cheap fake bathroom spray. It gave me a headache. I tried to give to others and they had the same negative reaction. The Spice was pleasant and it is not offensive at all. I actually enjoy a TON. So I am worried about getting another scent as I am not sure what to expect.
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Therapy Dough

Hands-on mindfulness Squeeze and shape to relax and refocus Infused with essential oils
Squeeze and shape this scent-infused therapy dough to relax. The soft hues, calming smell, and soft, pliable texture help you recalibrate. It’s a sensorial experience packed in a tin so you can de-stress anywhere you go.

Pinch Me

This scent-infused therapy dough can help you relax—triggering several of your senses.

Disguised as a simple invitation to play, Pinch Me’s sensorial design exposes you to colors, textures, and smells that help you re-center.

Maker Nancy Rothner’s experience with holistic stress reduction compelled her to create a portable mood-shifter. Carefully curated aromas and calming hues help you refocus your attention by simply massaging this pliable dough.

Squeeze, shape, then store it back in the tin for later. You’ll notice the scent lingers and refreshes even after you’re done playing. more Their Story

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