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  • Juggling Loop Motor Skill Toy by Pindaloo - 1
  • Juggling Loop Motor Skill Toy by Pindaloo - 2
  • Juggling Loop Motor Skill Toy by Pindaloo - 3
  • Juggling Loop Motor Skill Toy by Pindaloo - 4


Juggling Loop Motor Skill Toy

Toss the ball in the air and catch · Hand-eye coordination · Build your tricks

This looping juggling toy sparks fun—and your brain. Get the balls to shoot out of the loop and land back inside. Once you get the motion of it, the fun really takes off and you can try to aim higher or do tricks. It’s a great dexterity builder for kids and adults, too. Ready to test your skills? Go for the light-up balls to see how you do in the dark.

  • Instructions: Hold the tube with your dominant hand. Start out by moving the tube from side to side to get a feel for controlling the ball. Then try tossing the ball in the air and catching it with your non-dominant hand. Once you get used to the motion, try tossing the ball from one end of the loop to the other
  • Caps keep the balls safely inside the tube for storage
  • Great tool to practice hand-eye coordination
  • Light-up juggling balls are impact activated and remain lit for at least two minutes
  • Caution: Balls are made of hard plastic
  • Made in China

Light-up balls battery life:

40 hours




One tube, two juggling balls, and two caps


8.6" x 6.5" x 3"


0.5 lb


Original balls and tube: Plastic; Light-up balls: LED lights and plastic


For best results, keep the tubes and juggling balls clean and clear of debris



Pindaloo Makers Yaniv Inbar and Udi Ofek are both passionate about education, so when they learned about the juggling toy created by ZoSh as part of an industrial design master’s thesis—aimed at getting kids immersed in physical play and off of screens—they knew it would be a perfect fit for kids and playful adults. It’s a skill-building toy, so practice does make perfect. Similar to juggling and hula-hooping, once you get the hang of it, the fun really takes off. Drop the ball into the U-shaped tube and start swinging to get the just-right amount of momentum to shoot it out. You’re not done—now you have to catch it back into the tube. It’s a great way to build hand-eye coordination and dexterity, but most of all it’s endlessly entertaining and hard to put down once you start looping the loop.