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Modular Organization System

Modular Organization System


Customizable organization works in any space ┃ Create your own configuration
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  • Can be mounted with screws or with included adhesive tape, see instructions for more information
  • Helps convert dead space into modern and useful storage
  • Holds nearly anything, including smartphones, keys, tablets, books, papers, remote controls, dog leashes, umbrellas and more
  • Caution: Choking hazard, small parts. Keep away from children under three
  • Made in Germany
Thermoplastics, ABS-polyurethane foam
Spot clean as needed
Nine pegs, one base plate, two screws, two mounts, four double sided adhesive strips, instructions
Max Weight
1.1 lbs between two pegs
4.96" x 4.96" x 2.52"
0.32 lb
Small Business Support


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Modular Organization System

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Customizable organization works in any space ┃ Create your own configuration
This modular organization system is a tidy remedy for messy spaces. Up to nine foam pegs attach to a wall-mounted, three-inch square to hang and stow what needs storing. It’s a convenient and customizable way to clean up clutter and keep things like keys, tools, leashes and more handy.


The origin of PINNNS comes from a messy place. Cleaning up after a party, Maker Ihab Fleega had a vision. He wondered if removable pegs on a wall could hang and grip objects while still making the room look good. Ihab’s solution has three “N”s to represent the three-inch square base and foundation of his smartly-made system.

The modular set holds objects between foam pins to straighten up anything from umbrellas and sunglasses in the foyer to toothbrushes and cosmetics in the bathroom—and even hang tools and garden gear in the garage. Go for multiple PINNNS to expand the storage potential. With easy installation and endless applications, it solves clutter here, there, and everywhere. more Their Story