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Butterfly Play Wings

Independent Maker

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  • Materials: Polyester
  • Care: Hand wash and lay flat to dry
  • Translucent fabric butterfly wings are realistically detailed
  • Features elastic shoulder and finger loops allowing children to extend wings
  • Heavier fabric center body piece ensures durability and optimal wing flutter
  • Elastic loops are comfortable and easy to take on and off
  • Wingspan approximately 46”
  • For ages 3+
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 46" x 24" x 0.1"
  • Weight: 0.19 lb
Independent Maker


4.5 avg. (9 reviews)

Great product!
06/28/2019 by Jane
I can always trust your products, and this was no exception! My niece loved it!!
Wonderful gift for a young child-girl or boy
06/27/2019 by Dale
I gave this to a young daughter of good friends of mine for her birthday. It was a huge hit. All she wanted to do was fly around pretending she was a beautiful butterfly. It gave me such joy to know how much she loved pretending and how much it awakened her imagination!
Immediate hit!
06/14/2019 by John
The children, 1 and 6, absolutely adored them!
06/09/2019 by Leann
My granddaughters are going to be delighted with these! Like many kids, they love to dress up and become someone or something else, and these will be enchanting to watch them fly about in leaps and bounds.
loved the wings!
05/07/2019 by sue
3 girls, 3 different choices, great gift!
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Butterfly Play Wings

Butterfly wings for kids are a colorful addition to dress-up play or can pull double duty as an easy Halloween costume. Realistic details give these lightweight wings a lifelike feel and elastic shoulder and finger loops provide a comfy fit.

Playful Apparel

Dress-up wings for kids make playtime instantly more fun and these wings really grabbed our attention. Each pair captures the realistic details of a bird's or butterfly’s wings.

The bright, colorful wings are a nature-inspired addition to a dress-up clothes collection or can easily pull double duty as a costume.

They are lightweight and flowy—all the better for soaring and flapping around—and stay in place with elastic loops at the shoulders and hands. There are a variety butterfly species to pick from as well as birds chosen for being the smartest in the menagerie—like the blue jay, macaw, and magpie. more Their Story