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Men's Crew Pocket Socks

Men's Crew Pocket Socks

Independent Maker

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  • One size fits most, US men’s 8-12.5
  • For best results wear the sock with the pocket on your left foot so that the zipper is on the inside of your leg
  • Pocket is large enough to hold credit cards and other valuables
  • Reinforced ribbed welt keeps socks from sliding down
  • Made in South Korea
Sock: 62% cotton, 28% spandex, 10% polyester; Pocket: Cotton
Machine wash warm, tumble dry low, do not bleach
One regular sock, and one sock with a pocket
4" x 1" x 11"
0.19 lb
Independent Maker


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Men's Crew Pocket Socks

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These men’s socks with a pocket safely hold small valuables like credit cards, keys, and cash in a sneaky place. Its novel location easily adds security on walks and while sightseeing—without complicated access or bulky compartments. Super soft yarn is made from recycled water bottles for comfy wear.

Pocket Socks®

PocketSocks Maker Evan Papel was pick-pocketed when traveling through Europe after college. Though he unfortunately lost money and his passport, Evan came away from the experience with a theft-thwarting idea.

His so-smart pocketed socks zip up valuables like cash, cards, keys, and even a passport. The pocket’s location is equal parts unusual and convenient. Made from recycled water bottles, these socks feel comfy on, making a pair the perfect travelling companion. more Their Story