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Adjustable Cosmetic & Drawer Organizer

Compact, stackable design · Includes lid to take belongings on the go

Keep your belongings tidy and secure with this organizer, designed to move seamlessly between at-home and on-the-go use. Its flatter shape makes it easy to see and reach what you need, and modular dividers let you configure your ideal layout for tech accessories, art supplies, makeup, small toiletries and more. Made in the USA.

  • Dividers create compartments and can be placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Hug components within the organizer
  • Clear version allows you to see what's inside without needing to remove the lid
  • Fits in small bathroom spaces and most drawers
  • Stackable with other Poke-a-Dot organizers
  • Patented design
  • Made in China
Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


One Adjustable Cosmetic & Drawer Organizer with eight dividers and optional case


8" x 2.5" x 10.5"


1.5 lbs


Organizer: ABS plastic; Case: Vinyl, black taffeta, and metal magnetic closure


Organizer: Wash with soap and water, top shelf dishwasher safe; Optional case: Wipe with damp towel


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Jane Lee, Founder of Poke-A-Dot, created this travel makeup organizer after getting fed up with digging around in her makeup bag. A frequent traveler, she’d had it with taking her makeup on the go and fishing through a jumble of cosmetics—and messes like leaky bottles and broken powders. Jane also wasn’t keen on using potentially unclean surfaces, like hotel bathroom counters, to lay out her makeup. So she created a system that acts as a portable makeup drawer, minus the drawer. Poke-A-Dot organizes and secures makeup, and doubles as a (washable) surface, too. Its flatter design makes it easy to see and reach everything—goodbye digging—and modular dividers let you configure a set up to suit your needs. Use it as a tidying solution at home, or lock the lid on to take makeup with you, without any worry.

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