Dog Training Bells - Leather

By PoochieBells


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For use as a training tool that allows dogs to communicate when they’d like to be let out. Looped end allows for easy hanging.

  • Made in the USA: East Hampton, CT
  • Materials: Italian-grade, durable upholstery leather
  • Training manual included with each PoochieBell
  • 4 bells on each tool
  • Dimensions: 25" x 1"
  • Weight: 0.3 lb.

11 Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Super Training Bells

2/14/2019 by Katherine

This worked so good for our little puppy. No accidents in just a few weeks.


My dog uses to alert me

7/25/2018 by Kate

These are the greatest things since sliced bread! I trained my dog to ring them when she needed to go potty. She hasn't had one accident inent in the house. I highly recommend these bells.More > < Less


Love these

5/15/2018 by Sharon

dogs quickly figured out that if they ring these they get outside, super item


They really work!

9/27/2016 by Carol

When our 3-year-0ld was a puppy, I bought a set of these bells for training him to let us know when it was time to go out. I followed the simple instructions, thinking, "This won't work." A week after getting them (and with seemingly no success), we went on an extended trip and the bells were left at home for several weeks. When we returned, Enzo went directly to the kitchen door, touched the bells softly, and I ignored him. He proceeded to look at me, then at the bells, then stood back a bit and whacked the bells so the silly human could hear! Indeed, it really was "necessity time" for Enzo. They really **do** work, and I've bought a second set for traveling!More > < Less


Wonderful product!

12/10/2015 by Auben

I really like this product--well made, carefully thought out--have not had it long and so are still working on the training aspect, but very pleased with this purchase!More > < Less

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PoochieBells - Dog Training Bells

About PoochieBells

Teach A Dog A New Trick

Sometimes we miss the cues when our four-legged friends need to relieve themselves. If that happens, we’re stuck with a mess to clean. To help avoid dog accidents in the home, Cheryl Pederson created PoochieBells, a potty-training system that teaches dogs to ring the bells when they need to be let out.

PoochieBells are straps that hang on a doorknob. When your dog wants to get your attention, the bells are right by the door, ready to be nudged with a nose or shaken with a paw. The premise of PoochieBells is based on the idea of conditioned reflexes, made famous by the renowned Russian physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov. The goal is to teach your dog to associate the ringing bell sound with a signal to go out, and PoochieBells includes training instructions to help you and your pooch get in the habit.

Cheryl wanted to give her dog a tool to communicate, even when the house was noisy and full of activity. Her PoochieBells are simple and well made, with two sets of bells on each strap so both small and large dogs can use it. The pet-safe bells come from a manufacturer in East Hampton, Connecticut, that’s been in the bell business for more than 200 years. Cheryl also offers dog-friendly pewter hooks for mounting near the door, in case you’d rather not hang the bells on a high-traffic door.

PoochieBells are a great reminder of just how smart our pets can be. All they need is a tool to help them communicate with us.