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PowerArmz Light Up Armbands Two Pack PowerArmz Light Up Armbands Two Pack

PowerArmz Light Up Armbands Two Pack

by 4id

Full Details

  • Great for any activity in the dark
  • Easily adjustable with velcro strap
  • Fits arms 9-15" in diameter
  • Two illuminating options: Steady or flash setting
  • 100 hours of flashing operation
  • 70 hours of steady operation
  • Weatherproof
  • Made in China
Hand wash only
Two PowerArmz. Batteries included and replaceable. Uses standard camera batteries (CR2032)
Dimensions (in packaging)
13" x 4.5" x 1"
0.09 lb


3.5 avg. (9 reviews)

A Mixed Bag
10/11/2019 by Karen
I love the effect of these armbands. I love the green color I chose and I think they catch the attention of motorists and bicyclists , especially in “blink” mode. BUT they are falling apart! I bent over to stretch the other day and I heard a faint noise. I looked around and found a white disc on the sidewalk. It turned out to be the back of the battery compartment of one of the bands. I then saw that the back of the other band compartment was missing and nowhere to be found. A day or so later the elastic end of one of the bands slipped out of a slot and I can’t figure out how to get it functional again so I can wear the band on my arm. I walk along holding it in my hand. It still calls attention to me but it’s a pain the the you know what. So good and not so good. Effective but flimsy.
Great product.
06/26/2019 by Louise
Really provides visibility when running at dusk.
Safety First
06/25/2019 by Harvey
Excellent hazard warning lighting for night bike riders. Arm lighting stationery, shoe lighting in motion, showing the natural movement of a bike rider in the dark. Safety First!
Morning walks
12/03/2018 by Barbara
I walk before daylight on the road in our community so these lighted armbands and a grommet flashlight are just what I need for safety.
Too Time Consuming to Put ON
01/29/2018 by Reta
I purchased 4IDs Spurz for my running shoes. They stay attached to my shoes and are great! I love them. However, these take up so much time to put on with each run. 4ID also makes an arm band called slap wrapz. They are also armbands that have LED lights, but are instantly placed with just a "slap". Wish that Grommet would carry that product as well :)
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PowerArmz Light Up Armbands Two Pack

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Wherever you need visibility to be a priority, take these cleverly designed safety lights with you to be seen and safe. Lightweight and weatherproof, they are designed to easily strap on you and stay out of the way.


Night owls and 4id Founders, Ron Biron and Rodger Bailey, strive to keep active people safe with their light bands. They’re a great addition to regular exercise gear and slip on easily with no extra bulk.

Wrap them around the heel of your sneaker or bicep, or attach a light-up leash to your canine companion to increase your visibility. The ultra-bright LEDs last for hours, and you can set them to glow continuously or flash. And each light is weatherproof, so you’ll have an extra measure of safety in any conditions.

Whether you’re walking to work early in the morning, or out for an evening jog, you’ll have additional peace of mind from this bright idea. more Their Story