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Prestige Decanters
Hand-Blown Glass Decanter & Wood Base

Intricate designs from skilled artisans · The ultimate gift for spirits lover · Tree-planting mission

This hand-blown glass personalized decanter elevates top-shelf liquor even higher. Placed on a Kentucky-made oak wood base, a decanter makes for an elegantly handcrafted way to store and serve a favorite spirit with distinction. Pick from a bevy of sculptural scenes—from sports to astronomy—to suit your personal bar scene.

  • For use as a decanter for spirits or wine
  • Glass stopper creates an airtight seal, preventing evaporation
  • Capacity varies: 1000 ml-2500 ml
  • Decanter: Made in China; Base: Made in the USA: Louisville, KY
  • Please note: Keep out of reach of children



Magellan's Victoria Capacity:

1000 ml

Biplane Capacity:

1000 ml

Constellation Capacity:

1150 ml

Diamond Capacity:

1000 ml

Golf Ball Capacity:

1000 ml

Tomoka Gold Capacity:

1000 ml

Pythagoras Capacity:

1000 ml

Drunken Mallard Capacity:

1000 ml

Black Hawk Capacity:

1000 ml

C-130 Capacity:

1000 ml

USS Parche Capacity:

1150 ml

Raconteur Capacity:

2500 ml

Eagle Globe & Anchor Capacity:

1000 ml

Los Angeles Class Submarine Capacity:

1000 ml


One glass decanter & wooden base, optional engraved plaque


(varies) 6" x 5" x 11" - 12" x 5" x 8"


(varies) 1.6 - 4.5 lbs


Decanter: Borosilicate glass (lead-free); Base: Red Oak; Spigot: Stainless steel


Prestige Decanters

Prestige Decanters proves that necessity is the mother—or father—of invention. When Maker Addison Paulin couldn’t find a quality decanter for a Father’s Day gift, he took matters into his own hands. Known for fine bourbon, Kentucky is also where Addison grew up. He dove into learning about glass, wood, and decanter design in pursuit of the perfect gift for his dad. Addison’s distinctive decanters are a unique way to store and pour liquor or wine. A variety of intricate sculptural scenes, from astronomy to sports to submarines, is hand-blown by glass artisans. Oak bases are crafted in Kentucky and a tree is planted in the U.S. for every decanter sold. Want to make an even greater impression? One can be engraved for a personalized touch.