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Sea Glass Drop Earrings

Sea Glass Drop Earrings

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Full Details

  • Materials: Sea glass, sterling silver, non-toxic coloring
  • Care: Use a silver polishing cloth on silver for a bright shine as needed
  • Includes: One pair of earrings with rubber backs
  • Handcrafted process adds beautiful color to genuine sea glass
  • Color is permanent and waterproof
  • Lightweight design
  • Please note: Keep out of reach of children
  • For ages 10+
  • Made in the USA: Myrtle Beach, SC; Glass sourced from Puerto Rico
  • Dimensions: 0.375” x 2” x 0.75”
  • Weight: 0.006 lb
Small Business Support
Sustainable Living
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


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Sea Glass Drop Earrings

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Standout sea glass earrings shine in rich jewel tones you won’t typically find on the beach. A handcrafted coloring process makes white sea glass give the impression of deeply saturated color and results in an eye-catching accessory. Handcrafted in South Carolina with sterling silver and sea glass sourced from Puerto Rico.

Prism Sea Glass

Prism Sea Glass Maker Meg Carter has worked with sea glass for years. When she couldn’t find colored pieces anymore, she created a solution that results in jewelry with sea glass in head-turning deep colors.

In the South Carolina studio she shares with husband Jon, Meg hand-colors the back of white sea glass with richly saturated color that shines through. This coloring process is permanent and waterproof, so you can wear pieces without worry. She sources this white sea glass from Puerto Rico where it tends to have better clarity. From there, Jon takes over and works the glass into sterling silver earrings and necklaces that are lovely, stand-out accessories.

Meg and Jon want to support budding jewelers, so they give back to a metalsmith scholarship at Coastal Carolina University, where they met. more Their Story