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  • Design Voucher Code by PSA Essentials - 1
  • Design Voucher Code by PSA Essentials - 2
  • Design Voucher Code by PSA Essentials - 3
  • Design Voucher Code by PSA Essentials - 4
  • Design Voucher Code by PSA Essentials - 5
  • Design Voucher Code by PSA Essentials - 6

Design Voucher Code

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: Bluffton, SC
  • Voucher code for use in conjunction with PSA Personalized Stamp Kit (sold separately)
  • For use with PSA Essentials Personalized Stamp Kit self-inking stampers only
  • Switchable, peel-and-stick design for interchangeability
  • Please note personalized design stamp not included. Design voucher and included instructions allow you to customize your design on the PSA Essentials website
  • Ships within five business days after redeeming voucher and finalizing design online
One unique voucher code good for one personalized stamp design, redeemable on PSA Essentials website
5.4" x 3.2" x 0.01"
0.01 lb

2 avg. (1 reviews)

Made in the USA

Design Voucher Code

starting at $20.00

When you order a Design Voucher Code, you’ll receive a unique code in the mail. Go to PSA Essentials' website and use the code to pick out and personalize your design. They will ship your custom stamp free of any additional charges. When your stamp arrives in the mail, it is easy to apply to your PSA stamper (sold separately).
Made in the USA

Also from PSA Essentials

Lesley Upson

With a personalized stationery stamp, customizing cards, crafts, and scrapbooks is as easy as peel, stick, and stamp. The self-inking stamper from PSA Essentials has a streamlined design that leaves a crisp, clean image with a simple press.

To personalize your stamp, use the included code to choose your personalized design online. Once your stamp arrives in the mail, apply it to the stamper—just peel it off and stick it on.

Another fun feature is that the stamps are interchangeable. The inner and outer ring can both be removed, so you can mix and match designs, or swap them out for holidays or special occasions. The rings stay sticky even after removing and replacing them many times.

And the ink will last through thousands of stamps, too. Whether you’re stamping envelopes or having a crafty moment with party décor, these stamps are so easy, you’ll be coming up with other uses for them, too.