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Pull Start Fire
Pull String Firestarter

Six pull string firestarters · Windproof & rainproof · No matches, lighters, or kindling

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The pull string firestarter will simply and safely start your fire, no matter what the weather is. Matches and lighters are not needed. Each pull string firestarter is windproof, rainproof, safe for cooking, and will last a full thirty minutes.

  • Instructions: Loop the green string over a log to keep secure. Build a structure of logs. Pull the red string, strong and hard to start. Features an audible "pop" as well as a 2 to 4 second smoke timer prior to ignition, signaling that the product has started. Additionally, you can extinguish the product with 6 oz of water in case of an emergency
  • Eco-friendly and safe for cooking
  • Each pull string firestarter will last a full thirty minutes
  • No matches, lighters, or kindling
  • Windproof and rainproof
  • Multiple built-in safety features
  • Made with 89% recycled material
  • Please note: Not for inside use
  • Made in China


Six Pull String Firestarters


5" x 2" x 1"


(each) 0.31 lb


Wax/sanding mixture, inorganic salts, cotton


Store in a cool, dry location


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Pull Start Fire

A snowboard trip gone awry is what sparked the creation of Pull Start Fire. Mike Beyrodt, a mechanical engineer and outdoor enthusiast, was with friends when they found themselves in the middle of a -22°F snow storm. They couldn’t start a fire with the traditional tools they had on hand. This frustrating experience led Mike to combine his engineering skills and outdoor know-how to develop this five-second fire starter that works in any weather without the need for matches and lighters.

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