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Massage Oil Warming Dispenser Set

An all-in-one sensation station. The Pulse massage oil warmer automatically dispenses its own massage oil pods, thanks to an infrared motion detector. This touch-free approach makes things easier and cleaner, and the sleek, compact device is a discreet addition in your space. Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free massage oil pods are made with a natural formula free of parabens and petroleum.

  • Clean-hygienic dispensing technology to eliminate contamination and bacteria
  • Patented mess-free, clean-hygienic dispensing technology
  • Touchless, motion-controlled dispensing
  • Dispenses in pre-measured amounts to eliminate mess
  • Pods can be dispensed manually or by the Pulse warming dispenser for an elevated experience
  • Travel-friendly and small enough to easily tuck away in a nightstand drawer
  • Light indicates when Pod is fully warmed, there is one serving left, Pod is empty, or the lock is engaged and no warming or dispensing can be activated
  • Automatically shuts off one hour after the last serving is dispensed
  • Please note: Use only Pulse pods in your Pulse. Only with the power supply provided with your Pulse. Never immerse in water or attempt to clean your unit under running water. Do not insert anything other than a Pulse pod
  • Made in the USA: Melbourne, FL with domestic and international parts




One Pulse Warming Unit, one power adapter, and four massage oil pods


5.5" x 4" x 3"


1.3 lbs


Plastic, electrical parts, metal, LED lights


Wipe the exterior and drop dish of your Pulse with a clean damp cloth as needed


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Pulse Maker Amy Buckalter decided to create her own massage oil dispenser and warmer and hypoallergenic oil when she grew fed up with the typical offerings. Sticky texture, drippy messes, leaky bottles, and questionable ingredients led her to seek ou…

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