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Pressure Putt Trainer

Pressure Putt Trainer

by PuttOUT

Improve your short game Work on alignment and position Practice anywhere

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  • Instructions: Can be used on low pile carpets but is best used on putting green. A perfect putt will end in the hole. All other putts return to you the same distance it would have gone past the hole if it had missed
  • Parabolic curve designed to return good putts and reject bad ones
  • Folds and fits into your golf bag
  • Winner of awards from Golf Digest, MyGolfSpy, and Golf Monthly
  • Designed in London
  • Made in China
Elastomer and translucent polycarbonate
Wipe clean as necessary
One pressure putt trainer
8.07" x 4.21" x 5.12"
0.45 lb


4.5 avg. (3 reviews)

good indoor putting practice
01/02/2020 by Gail
This small device is helpful in practicing accuracy of both direction and strength of your putting. Important to have a practice mat or level low weave carpet.
Sorry we are returning.
12/28/2019 by Jeannie
The service has been excellent so far but we are returning thrr product;
Fun and challenging
12/26/2019 by Julie
Love all my purchases from Grommet!
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Pressure Putt Trainer

Pressure Putt Trainer
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Optional Putting Mat Green

Optional Putting Mat Green

Improve your short game Work on alignment and position Practice anywhere
This pressure putting trainer gives you exact feedback. A U-shaped parabolic curve ramp sends the ball back toward you the same distance it would have overshot the hole. Missed putts fall off the side of the ramp to mimic a lip-out, and perfect putts land in the micro-target sweet spot.


PuttOUT Golf targets the short game to improve your score. Finding a place to practice is easy thanks to a trio of putting aids that can be used indoors and out. The goal behind all the tools is to work on the putts most often missed—those between three and five feet.

The putting trainer and mat work in tandem. The trainer’s curved parabolic ramp returns good putts and sends bad ones off to the side. This feedback helps improve your stroke over time. The mat’s nylon surface is printed with markings and mimics a green paced medium or fast. Lastly, a putting mirror aligns body position and stroke path with guides and a gate. Now golfers can practice anywhere at any time, and try to make the next round their best one yet. more Their Story