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Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set

Instant feedback on the path of your putter · Adjustable to four different angles

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  • Work on your putting stroke to check the line of your backswing and follow-through. Viewing from overhead the straight line of the alignment stick will give you instant feedback on the path of your putter
  • Create the perfect path and arc for your game. Adjustable to four different angles: 90º, 84º, 78º, or 70º
  • Use the markings to work on length of back and through stroke
  • Pair with the Premium Pressure Putt Trainer to add the ramp to your alignment practice
  • May be used with the Putting Mat Green or on any carpet or firm service
  • Made in China


Two putting gates, one alignment stick, one putting plane


28" x 6" x 8"


1.4 lbs


Metal, fabric


Wipe clean. Do not use harsh chemicals


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