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by Quell

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  • Made in the USA: Des Moines, IA
Two electrodes that last for two weeks each
11.2" x 2.1" x 0.2"
0.07 lb

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Made in the USA


by Quell

starting at $29.95

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Quell can help ease chronic pain around the clock, delivering a therapy called Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or “TENS.” An electrode in the device generates an electric pulse, which stimulates sensory nerves. This one-month supply includes two electrodes that each last for about two weeks of typical use.
Made in the USA

Pete Walderzak

Quell is a drug-free treatment that is FDA-cleared to help ease chronic pain 24/7—even during sleep. For the millions of chronic pain sufferers out there, it’s an option that could finally mean some relief.

This is the first wearable device that can deliver a decades-old therapy, called Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or “TENS.” It is approved for nighttime use, which is important because chronic pain often worsens at night and interferes with sleep.

Attach Quell to your upper calf, which is an area with a lot of sensory nerves. The device sends an electric pulse through an electrode that stimulates those nerves to carry neural pulses to your brain. That in turn triggers a natural reaction to block pain throughout your body.

The sensation is a little like a warm, mild vibration. Each treatment lasts for an hour, running every other hour, and you can adjust the strength or opt to skip a session. Use the companion app to time treatments, check battery life, or track sleep patterns (but you don’t need the app to use the device).

As with most treatments, this may or may not be effective for everyone, but the results are encouraging. Studies by Quell show about 80% of people get some pain relief. Of course you should always run something like this by your doctor. But if you’re caught in a cycle of chronic pain and sleep loss, it’s probably worth looking into this pain relief wearable.