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Adjustable In-Ground Sprinkler Kit

Pops up with water pressure · Personalize the setting · Swiveling hose connector

$49.95 – $89.95

The Adjustable In-Ground Sprinkler Kit allows you to have a professional system without the need to install buried plumbing. Simply plant it in your desired location, attach to your hose, set the rotation, and adjust the setting of the stream. Pops up with water pressure and automatically drops down when the water is off. Two kits conveniently attach to the same hose to reach a larger area.

  • Leave your sprinkler out in the yard and never have to put it away
  • Powerful compact sprinkler hides in your lawn just like a contractor installed system
  • Pops up with water pressure and automatically drops down when water's off so you can mow right over it
  • Easy to install
  • Snap on hose from any direction to water up to 5,000 square feet. Swiveling quick-connector makes it easy to snap on the hose from any direction
  • Set the rotation between 40° and 360°
  • Two kits can attach to the same hose line
  • Please note: Actual throw distance and ability to connect two kits to the same hose line is dependent on your local water pressure. 30 psi minimum required for use
  • Made in Dominican Republic
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


Single: One hose quick-connector with automatic shutoff, orange cap, instructions; 2 Pack: Two hose quick-connectors with automatic shutoff, two orange caps, one hose Y-connector, instructions


Single: (in packaging) 10" x 4" x 4"; 2 Pack (in packaging): 10" x 4" x 6"; Assembled (each): 9" long


Single: 1.2 lbs; 2 Pack: 2.5 lbs


Plastic, stainless steel


Empty water from unit before winter


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Dean Rodgers was stationed at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX when a drought compelled water rationing. Homeowners could only water on even days between 8am and 10am. Most Air Force people start their day at 7:30am, so there was no one home to do the watering. Dean realized that by burying the sprinkler in place, it was always ready and preset to cover the area needed. No one had to be home and no more dragging sprinklers about. Quick-Snap wants to give everyone with a lawn to care for the choice, benefits, and the convenience of an automatic sprinkler system and make it easier to water the lawn without dragging sprinklers out and back, and out. And back. Again. Durable, contractor grade, easy to install, and adjustable. The in-ground sprinklers don't have the expense, worry, and maintenance that come with underground pipes.

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