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Drywall Repair Kit

Precise tip for filling nail and screw holes · Built-in spatula for professional finish


The Drywall Repair Kit includes one tool with two cartridges. Use the tool to hold the cartridge, while slowly squeezing paste into nail and screw holes. The small tip allows you to precisely fill holes without accumulating excess waste and mess. After the hole is filled, use the built-in spatula to create a professional finish. Made in the USA.

  • Instructions: Twist and lock the cartridge into the tool. Snap the lip off of the cartridge. Squeeze spackling paste into the hole. Use built in spatula to remove excess spackling paste
  • Ideal for filling nail and screw holes
  • Each kit comes with two cartridges filled with spackling paste
  • Built-in spatula allows you to create a professional finish
  • Precise tip eliminates waste by using only the needed amount of paste
Made in the USA


Drywall Repair Kit: One tool with two 20 ml refill cartridges; Refill Pack: Two 20 ml cartridges Dimensions | Tool: 6" x 7"; Cartridge (each): 1" x 3"


Tool: 6" x 7"; Cartridge (each): 1" x 3"


Tool: 0.35 lb; Cartridge (each) 0.16 lb


Polypropylene tool and nylon cartridges containing spackling paste


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QuickFill inventors Tim and Brooke Diers were prepping their closets to replace wire shelving with wood when they encountered a common household repair—holes in the drywall. They went the traditional messy route of a tub of spackling paste and a putty knife and thought there had to be a better, faster, cleaner way to get the job done. So they got to work, talking with an engineer and sketching prototypes out on paper. Their ideas were for a handheld tool that was simple to use, allowed for precise filling of holes, and created no mess. After two years of adjustments to the tool and the compounds used in the cartridges, QuickFill was ready.

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