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Original Roller Massage Tool

Self massage tool · Soft texture · Contoured design

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RAD’s massage roller features two conjoined rubber balls that are perfectly contoured to work out small knots or relieve tired, achy feet. Roll it under your foot or across the back of your neck—anywhere that can use some gentle relief. The rubber texture is soft enough for skin but durable enough to effectively massage away tightness and can help flush toxins out of your soft tissue.

  • Two conjoined rubber balls that are contoured to work on any area of the body
  • Versatile texture soft enough to use on sensitive areas like neck but hard enough to unlock tougher muscles like the back and legs
  • Helps work out small knots or relieve achy feet
  • Made in China


One Original Roller Massage Tool


5" x 2.5" diameter


0.66 lb




Hand wash


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RAD Co-Founders Mike Mallory—a biomechanics expert—and Dan McIntosh—a professional triathlete—redesigned traditional body massage tools to be more effective. Their ergonomic massagers are made to target muscles and soft tissues more easily.…

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