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  • Percussive Deep Tissue Massager by ReAthlete - 1
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Percussive Deep Tissue Massager

Full Details

  • Ergonomic design with multiple handling positions and an adjustable arm to provide full-body deep percussive muscle treatment
  • Four intensities and five interchangeable massage heads to customize your massage
  • Powerful and quiet brushless motor runs from 1200 to 3200 RPM depending on your treatment needs
  • Battery lasts up to four hours on a single charge
  • Gift ready packaging and travel case included
  • Please note: Read all warnings and maintenance notes provided in user manual before use
  • Made in China
Silicone, resin, lithium-ion battery
One Percussive Deep Tissue Massager, five head attachments, charger, carrying case
9" x 5.1" x 2"
5.94 lbs


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Percussive Deep Tissue Massager

starting at $269.99
Four intensity settings · Five interchangeable massage heads · Quiet and brushless motor
This deep tissue massager is an essential tool for pain relief, post-workout recovery, pre-workout warmups, and stress reduction. Choose between four intensity settings and five interchangeable massage heads to provide relief for sore muscles and chronic tightness.
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ReAthlete was created by Ziv Levy and Shahar Aziz to help people get relief from muscle aches and pains without relying on medication. Both Ziv and Shahar experienced chronic pain from active lifestyles—Ziv as an avid basketball player and Shahar as a busy dad to two daughters. While researching help for their pain and limited mobility, they quickly learned that the majority of pain problems are treated with medication that treated the symptom, but not the source of the problem. So Ziv and Shahar got to work to fix that. Their targeted massagers help deliver relief for sore muscles, strains, tightness and more to help get folks moving again.
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