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Loopit Tangle-Free Earbud Necklace Loopit Tangle-Free Earbud Necklace

Loopit Tangle-Free Earbud Necklace

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  • Materials: TPE headphones, aluminum, silicone
  • Includes: One pair of headphones, carrying case and three interchangeable silicone earbud tips in small, medium, and large
  • Features anti-tangle magnetic connectors
  • Stylish chain doubles as necklace or bracelet
  • Built-in microphone
  • Lightweight, easy to use
  • All components are lead-, cadmium-, and phthalate-free
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 39" x 0.5" x 0.25"
  • Weight: 0.2 lb
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4 avg. (26 reviews)

not working
10/09/2019 by LENA
After some months my earbuds have stopped working. One side stopped and now the other has gone. I had so much faith in this product!
01/30/2019 by LENA
I am so satisfied with this product. No more tangles ,no more busted wires! The magnets are a good feature.
01/29/2018 by Margaret
Always handy, never tangled, comfortable to wear; these are just amazing! I love them. I got a pair for my daughter first and loved hers so much I got a pair for me. Happy purchase.
Good Idea
01/07/2018 by ATBW
I bought a Loopit mainly to overcome tangle challenges, the jewelry aspect being secondary, but really appreciate both aspects. After ordering a Loopit and using it for months mainly in my office or around town, I bought myself a second Loopit to keep in home. Sometimes the magnet clasps attract certain of my metal earrings. This is not a problem for me; I just pay attention to ensure the magnets don't remove or loosen earrings inadvertently.
Works great, too shiny
01/04/2018 by Sharon
I like the earbud/necklace very much. But I would like it better if it were less shiny, more “antique.” I am considering painting it with a muted-tone nail polish to dull down the silvery metal.
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Loopit Tangle-Free Earbud Necklace

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A shake is all it takes for Loopit headphones to untangle themselves. Magnets connect the earbuds and audio jack, sidestepping the threat of tangled wires. Use the magnets as a necklace clasp and you can wear the headphones like a chain—and easily remove it when you need to switch from an accessory to a phone call or listening to music.

Your days spent unknotting wires are over. Loopit Headphones are designed to untangle themselves—and can double as a necklace, too.

With just a few shakes, it’s knot-free and ready to use. The lack of tangles is thanks to strategically placed magnets that connect the earbuds and the audio jack. Take creator Vanessa Chan’s word for it—she researched wire knots to figure out how to prevent them.

She learned that tangles are most likely to occur when headphones are loose. She also discovered the tangle-fighting magnetic closure has another benefit—it acts as a clasp that lets you wear Loopit as a necklace, and easily transition into headphone action.

Have your headphones handy and knot-free—all while it looks like you’re wearing a necklace. more Their Story

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