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Relevant Play
Mad Mattr Moldable Doh

A cross between therapy dough and moldable kinetic sand, this hybrid concoction is as relaxing as it is fun. Sculpt or stretch it and watch the texture change from silky soft to sandy. And you can leave it out on your desk or coffee table without fear of it drying out. Use it as the raw matter for your creative endeavors or simply knead a piece to de-stress.

  • Non-toxic; free of wheat, gluten, and casein
  • Easy to shape and mold
  • Resistant to drying out
  • Easy to clean




10 oz of Mad Mattr Moldable Doh


(in packaging) 7.5" x 6.75" x 2"


0.63 lb


Ceramic bead and binder


Store in product bag when not in use


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Relevant Play

Mad Mattr is a super-soft modeling dough that easily molds into endless creations, inspiring open-ended play. Sculpt, stretch—even crumble—it and watch the texture change from sandy to silky soft in seconds. It feels kind of like wet sand but wi…

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