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Nausea Relief Wearable

Let the motion sickness-prone rejoice. This motion sickness bracelet sends soothing pulses to your brain and stomach, which can help restore your gastric rhythms and end nausea within minutes. Use it for travel, pregnancy, or even operation-related nausea. Rub on some of the included conductivity gel and wear the band’s face on your wrist’s underside. Then set the pulse to an intensity that feels comfortable and let Reliefband do the rest.

  • Instructions: Reliefband is worn on the underside of the wrist. Adjust nausea controls to a comfortable level before or while feeling nauseated. See full instructions for more details
  • Apply approximately two fingers distance worth of Conductivity Gel to underside of wrist before using Reliefband. The gel is hypo-allergenic and rated as a Class II Medical Device
  • The patented technology uses the body's natural neural pathways to balance the signals causing nausea and vomiting associated with morning sickness and motion sickness (boating, automobiles, gaming, airplanes, trains, or amusement rides)
  • Drug free relief from nausea
  • Fast acting and non-drowsy
  • Splash resistant
  • Replaceable batteries. Uses two 3V lithium batteries (CR2025)
  • Battery lasts an average of 150 hours on a constant Level 3 setting
  • 501K FDA cleared for use by pregnant women with morning sickness and those undergoing chemotherapy or CINV
  • Recommended for ages 12+


One Reliefband with adjustable cloth strap, replaceable batteries, and hypo-allergenic conductivity gel tube


1.5" x 0.5" x 2"


0.075 lb


Reliefband: ABS plastic case, nylon strap & gold plated electrodes; Conductivity Gel: Hypoallergenic and drug-free gel


Wipe off with a damp cloth


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Turn off your nausea. This motion sickness bracelet sends soothing pulses to your brain and stomach via the Vagus nerve, which can help alleviate nausea by restoring your gastric rhythms. You’ll feel the effect within minutes—without using drugs.…

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