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Fonde Ravioli Rolling Pin Fonde Ravioli Rolling Pin

Fonde Ravioli Rolling Pin

by Repast

Independent Maker
Sustainable Living

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: Chico, CA & Woodbury, MN
  • Made for a Lifetime: Lifetime warranty is voided by improper care. Hand wash, treat with mineral oil every 6 uses, and avoid soaking in water or putting in dishwasher
  • Makes uniform, plump ravioli that stay sealed while cooking
  • Handmade, heirloom quality design and manufacture
  • Can be used with both ricotta or meat fillings
  • 7.5" is ideal for narrower, machine rolled sheets of pasta; has 3 ravioli coves
  • 17" is ideal for wider, hand-rolled sheets of pasta; has 7 ravioli coves
  • Ships pre-treated with food grade mineral oil
  • Materials: Maple and walnut
  • Care: Hand wash with damp rag followed by dry rag. Apply mineral oil every 3-4 uses for best maintenance
  • Dimensions: 17": x 2.8" diameter; 7.5": x 2.8" diameter
  • Weight: 17": 2 lbs; 7.5": 1 lb
Independent Maker
Sustainable Living


5 avg. (11 reviews)

so cool!
12/28/2018 by Stephen
The ravioli rolling pin is exactly as advertised - a beautiful piece of handiwork that functions extremely well. We used our Atlas pasta machine to create long sheets of dough, and then spread a wild mushroom and cheese filling and laid another sheet of pasta on top, pressed them together and then used the rolling pin the create the raviolis. Worked perfectly - beautiful symmetric raviolis! FANTASTIC
01/01/2018 by kristin
Thanks to Repast' Fonde Ravioli Rolling Pin, I have finally been able to surprise my significant other with a present that he hadn't already found and bought for himself. We have had numerous "eh" moments in our quest for the perfect homemade ravioli. Now, we are whipping out gorgeous ravioli with the twist of our wrist (and the large Fonde Ravioli Pin)! Stop questioning and start buying - you too are going to the head of the ravioli class. (He also suggests you invest in the La Gondola Professional Pasta Cutter Wheel)
Works great!
11/27/2017 by Pamela
We make our butternut squash ravioli every other year. In the past is has taken us 6-8 hours to make over 200 ravioli'. This year it only took us a little over 2 hours. Great product.
06/05/2017 by Debbie
I bought this as a gift and my friend sent me a message and video to tell me how much she loves it! It has made her ravioli making so much easier! I told her she could do the promotion for your product the video was so perfect !
Love this
01/25/2017 by Charlene
Love this-I collect rolling pins.
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Fonde Ravioli Rolling Pin

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As beautiful as it is functional, this ravioli rolling pin is handmade in the U.S. from sustainable hardwood. Simply layer your own filling between two pasta sheets, then get rolling. Press firmly and voila—perfect, handmade ravioli you can sign your name to.


Making homemade ravioli can be intimidating, but it’s easier to master with Repast’s handcrafted rolling pin.

Founder Michael Finizio is an engineer, woodworker, and foodie who loves bringing people together for a meal. (His company is named for the time during which a meal is eaten.) Michael wasn’t impressed with most ravioli rolling pins, so he created his own. Thoughtfully designed, this rolling pin is as much a piece of art as it is a kitchen tool.

Repast believes in sustainable living, so each rolling pin is Made in the USA from hardwood. And for every tree they use, they plant 100 more.

It won’t do everything for you, though—you’ll still need to make your own pasta sheets and filling. Spread filling across two thirds of one pasta sheet, then top with another. As you press the rolling pin firmly across the sheet, you’ll feel like a pasta master, watching deliciously plump ravioli form beneath your hands. more Their Story

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