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Riser Riser


Independent Maker

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  • Materials: Nylon
  • Care: Hand wash
  • Features water-resistant fabric and durable, rubber-coated metal hooks
  • Fits in a traditional carry-on size bag; two can fit in a 28" or larger suitcase
  • Includes shoe pocket
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 36" x 17" x 12"
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs.
Independent Maker


5 avg. (6 reviews)

• Best travel accessory purchase in years!
01/10/2018 by Jack
This handy item does exactly what it's supposed to do and more. I was able to put 2 heavy sweaters, 3 pairs of winter pants, 3 long-sleeved shirts, and 3 days worth of underpants, t-shirts and [heavy] socks into the 4 rectangular compartments and cinch it up into a package measuring 11" x 17"x12". The fabric is sturdy, as are the straps and hooks. The zip compartment on the top is handy for watches, handkerchiefs and other small items, and the large compartment at the bottom made a handy place to put sweaters, pajamas, gloves/hats and other items that don't need to be folded, once you've hung the Riser up. It takes a few tries to figure out how to cinch don the straps once its loaded, but it really saved a lot of space in my checked luggage. It's particularly valuable when staying at some of the newer hotels that seem to be a bit stingy with drawers, and the straps are long enough that you can let them out enough to hang the Riser low in side the typical hotel armoires and still hang shirts in between the hooks. Great idea, well-executed.
Good gift
08/14/2017 by Nancy
I gave this as a gift to a college student. She said that she will definietly use it, especially as she moves around.
Impossible person to shop for and also a traveler?
01/14/2017 by Brooks
This is the perfect gift. My brother is a jet setter and is very minimalist when it comes to his belongings. When we come home, his stuff is everywhere. This is perfect for such a being, as my brother. He is camping all over the US and was very enthused to use this. It is well made and lightweight. Best ever! We both enjoy supporting these small cottage businesses and their products.
Time saving solution for short trips!
10/17/2016 by Delaney
This is amazing! Packing into this riser makes my life so much easier. Just pack everything into the labeled slots, throw it in your bag and whip it out when you get to where you are going and hang it up. No mess, and it makes it easy to know what to do with your dirty clothes instead of having to scour the hotel for a dry cleaning bag to use to take your dirties home separate in your bag. Love it!
I love it!!
10/14/2016 by Brenda
I bought this for my husband, a frequent traveler. However, I had the first opportunity to use it with his blessing. Well made, large laundry area, zip top for shoes, and so much larger than I thought. I did have a bit of a time squeezing it into my carry on bag(Luggage 22 Inch Andante Wheeled Duffel, 22 x 12.5 x 12 inches). Also, it takes up more luggage space than the articles would but love the convenience of unpacking in one minute. I know I'll have to order my own now.
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The Riser is a patent pending collapsible shelving system that is added to your own suitcase. It features 3 shelves, a shelf divider, laundry compartment, and integrated shoe and toiletry pocket. All you have to do is hang the shelves, fill them up, and collapse them into your suitcase. Everything stays organized and wrinkle-free.

Rise Gear

Rise Gear luggage maximizes efficiency for people on the go. Collapsible shelves fit inside each bag, and quickly hang up at your destination. It’s like having a suitcase with a built-in closet.

Specially-sized compartments keep items organized and neat. Underwear, shoes, clothes, and even dirty laundry stay separate. Zippered pockets hold things like toiletries, electronics, and charging cords, too.

Co-Founder Lee Renshaw had the idea for Rise Gear in college, after constant couch surfing and living out of a duffle bag. He felt disorganized, and his wardrobe looked wrinkled. He envisioned a bag with shelves, taught himself to sew, and built the first prototype.

Lee, together with his brother and Co-Founder Sean, threw themselves into the business and brought Rise Gear to life for travelers everywhere. Whether you’re on a day trip, weekend jaunt, or lengthy vacation, packing and unpacking is easier than ever before. more Their Story