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Tumbling Bocce Set

Full Details

  • Instructions: For 2-8 players. See game rules for more information
  • Durable high-density resin construction
  • Carrying backpack for easy transportation
  • Can be played on multiple surfaces such as a yard, beach, driveway, or parking lot
  • Please note: Safety should be observed when playing Rockbocce. It is recommended that players stay outside of the playing area when rocks are being tossed
  • Made in China
Rocks: High-density resin; Bag: Canvas
Two identical sets of four tan rocks and four black rocks, one pebble, one measuring tape, one storage bag, and instruction book
Wipe clean as necessary
13.5" x 13.5" x 4"
12.25 lb

5 avg. (1 reviews)

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Tumbling Bocce Set

starting at $69.95

A classic game gets rocky with this tumbling bocce set. Players use the traditional rules, but instead of rolling balls, you’re tossing faux rocks that make things unpredictable and exciting. This also means you can play in places beyond a bocce court, like in the grass or on the sand.
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The idea for Rockbocce came to Maker Paul Kahmann when he was—you guessed it—throwing rocks while doing yard work. The unexpected trajectory of each one gave him pause; the rocks all tumbled, hopped, and rolled in different directions than he thought they would. Paul took that unpredictability and applied it to the classic game of bocce to make it more interesting to play.

Instead of bocce balls, you’re tossing faux rocks that can land any which way, but the traditional rules are the same. And instead of being confined to a smooth bocce court, Rockbocce can be played in the grass, at the beach, or in the driveway. The same unpredictability that inspired Paul also levels the playing field here, so you’re not using skill to win. It’s more about chance—and fun, of course.