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Razor Refill Pack of 20

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  • Precision-sharpened, pure stainless steel protects against rust
  • Specialized cold-treatment ensures blades retain exceptional sharpness
  • Each blade individually wrapped; come in four compact packs of five blades
  • Fully recyclable
  • Compatible with all double-edge safety razors
  • Twenty-pack gives about a six month supply of blades for the average shaver
  • Made in China
Swedish stainless steel
Change blades every one-seven shaves depending on shaving preference
Twenty double-edged razor blades
4.33" x 3.94" x 0.79"
0.08 lb

5 avg. (4 reviews)

Was a great gift!
01/23/2020 by Grace
My husband was awed that I could find these. He has been using this kind of blade and has gone thru them about once a week. These have lasted into the second week with no issues. A super buy!
Sharp as a Tack
01/14/2020 by Patricia
Very nice razor blades. They get the job done.
Sharp as a Tack
01/14/2020 by Patricia
Very nice razor blades. They get the job done.
More Economical
05/15/2018 by Jamzie
My husband prefers this type of blades for shaving. Says a closer shave for someone with a heavy beard. Takes some getting use too after years of using multiple blade razors.
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Razor Refill Pack of 20

Load up your adjustable safety razor with some double-edged, Swedish stainless steel blades. They cut clean and close to the skin.

Gareth Everard

This might be the last razor you ever buy. Rockwell’s adjustable safety razor’s Made for a Lifetime design uses stainless steel blades for a clean, close-to-the-skin cut.

They pride themselves on great craftsmanship and a clean, close shave. The single, double-edged blade won’t tug or pull on hair, giving you smooth results minus the ingrown hairs and irritation. And, for added safety, they’ve built a buffer between the edge of the blade and your skin.

Their more robust razor comes with three adjustable plates (for a total of six size settings), which lets you match it to your skin type and facial hair length. Plus, the plates angle to your face’s contours. If you’re looking for an induction, the Rookie Razor has a single plate and is a great upgrade from disposable razors.

The substantial metal body on every Rockwell razor is engineered to last. Instead of tossing out entire razors, you just replace the blades. Not only is that soft on your skin, it’s also wallet- and planet-friendly.